Bing Mobile Buries and Transcodes Mobile Web Sites

Microsoft unveiled their new search engine Bing, last week with considerable fanfare.  Thanks to Google’s Wave announcement the same day it probably didn’t get as much press coverage as it deserved. Bing replaces Live Search and MSN Search.  Initial reviews  have been quite positive. Billed as a “Decision Engine”, Bing on the desktop has some nice touches including auto completion of queries, a list of related searches  in the left sidebar and  infinitely scrolling results rather than pagination for  image … Continue reading

Microsoft Live Mesh for Mobile

Microsoft will be announcing a free mobile synchronization service with the highly original name of “My Phone” at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next week.  There’s a little more information about it at My Phone will synchronize contacts, calendar appointments, photos, text messages and files with “the cloud” and will initially be available “by invitation only” for Windows Mobile 6 users. MS is a bit late getting on the mobile cloud synchronization bandwagon.  Apple’s $99/year MobileMe, which does … Continue reading

Windows Live Mobile Updated

Hot on the heels of Yahoo’s recent mobile home page redesign comes a major upgrade to Microsoft’s mobile deck. There is a new URL (the old address also points to the new content). If you want to preview the site in your PC browser use as the above URL’s will take you to a page about Live Mobile. The new front page has a brighter, less cluttered look with updated icons. This is not just a cosmetic … Continue reading

MSN Spaces Mobile

The mobile version of MSN Spaces has really changed since I last looked at it five months ago. I’d say it’s almost a complete redesign. I’m sure you’ve heard of Spaces – Microsoft’s blogging/social networking platform. Spaces can be used as a pure blogging platform but its social aspect sets it apart from traditional blogging platforms like Typepad or Blogger. The social part comes from tight integration with MSN Messenger and Hotmail (a link to your latest blog post can … Continue reading

Windows Live Search – Mobile Beta

I just visited the MSN Mobile homepage and saw two new items in the menu, Windows Live Mail Beta and Windows Live Search Beta. I did a web search and it turns out that they aren’t really that new having been out for over a month, but they seem to have been more or less ignored so far. The Microsoft Live Mobile team has a blog (NOT Firefox friendly) called Mobile access everywhere! which seems to be the best source … Continue reading

The Web’s Big 3 Do Mobile.

In the web world the, according to Alexa, the big three in traffic are Yahoo, Google, and Microsoft’s MSN portal. A lot of this volume comes from search as the same three are the most popular search engines although the order in search is Google, Yahoo and MSN. These three sites are the kings of the Internet at the moment. They all have tons of money to spend on R&D and market research. And they need to spend it so … Continue reading