How To Blackout Your Blogger and WordPress (.org or .com) Sites To Protest SOPA

This site along, with several thousand others including Wikipedia,, Reddit, Boing Boing and XDA-Developers will be shutting down for 24 hours tomorrow to protest  SOPA, the Stop Online Piracy Act  (HR3261) and the Protect IP Act (S.968 ).  These two proposed laws were drafted by and for the old guard entertainment industry (Hollywood, record labels and print publishing houses, mainly) and are backed by a two million dollar lobbying effort. The bills are supposed to combat online piracy and illegal file sharing. However they … Continue reading

Live Journal’s Instant Mobile Blogs

LiveJournal is one of the oldest blogging platforms, launching in 1999 and remains one of the most popular today with over 23 million users. In addition to being a free platform for publishing a personal blog or journal, Live Journal has strong social networking features including group blogs (called communities), profiles and friends lists. Individual posts and entire blogs can be configured to be readable by friends only. Well known Live Journal blogs include the gossip site ONTD (mobile) and … Continue reading

WPhone – I Wish You Still Worked

I’m still trying to find the perfect tool for running  Wap Review using just a mobile phone. My requirements are pretty basic, I just want to be able to create and edit posts and edit and moderate comments.  With posts I need to be able to enter and edit the body of the post and I’d like to be able assign  the category, enter tags and an excerpt.   For comments I need to be able edit them to remove phone … Continue reading

Posted From My Phone

I’ve been experimenting with writing some of my posts using only my phone. I think I’ve come up with a set of tools that make it possible for me to create well formatted blog posts using either my BlackBerry 7100i or Nokia N95. Wap Review is a WordPress blog and up through WP 2.5 I was actually able write posts and moderate comments with Opera Mini using just the standard WordPress administrative screens. For version 2.7, WordPress completely redesigned the … Continue reading

4 Easy Ways to Make your Blog Mobile Friendly

Blogs make great mobile websites. A typical blog has short timely posts that are mostly text. Blog posts downloads quickly even over the slowest mobile connection and can be an entertaining way to send the idle minutes spent waiting in line or riding public transit. If you have a blog you should really try to make it as usable as possible on mobile phones. You’ll be rewarded with more readers and, if you want, you can advertise on the mobile … Continue reading

Tumblr – Mobilise Anything!

Steve Rubel posted about how he’s using Tumblr to create a Tumblelog, The Steve Rubel Lifestream, at It’s a site that rolls up Steve’s blog posts, his Flickr and feeds, Twitter tweets and Facebook notes in one place. There’s even a mobile edition ( . The mobile aspect of Tumblelogs looked intriguing so I visited to see what it was all about. Tumbler is a free service that combines multiple RSS feeds plus content from, Flickr, … Continue reading

Disabling Blogline’s Skweezer

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big fan of both Bloglines and Skweezer. But together they drive me a little mad. Bloglines is the only RSS reader I use both on PC and mobile. I don’t really consider Bloglines Mobile to be a mobile site, in spite of it’s name. All unread posts in a feed display together on a single page, so any feed with more than few items is too big for most phones to even display. Saving … Continue reading


I’m trying out YoMoBlog, a very cool mobile blogging tool from Dave Winer. It works with lots of blogging platforms including WordPress and Type Pad. As it’s mobile web based with a page size of only 7kb, it’s compatible with most phones. YoMoBlog really shines when used with a device with a QWERTY keyboard. I wrote and posted the lead paragraph of this item with my Moto i855 – but not being a demon texter I wouldn’t want to write … Continue reading