How Many Calories in a Big Mac? Find Out on the Mobile Web

The Daily Plate is part of Lance Armstrong’s site. It’s for anyone, active or not, who wants to lose or gain weight or maintain their current weight. A simple calculator lets you set up a daily calorie goal based on your current weight, activity level and weight loss (or gain) target. Registered users can track their calories by entering their meals on The Daily Plate desktop or mobile web site. In addition to the typical database of packaged and … Continue reading

Mobile Wookieepedia Anyone? How About A Muppet Wiki?

For some Friday fun, check out, the newest site from the Taptu team, who also created Wapedia, the best mobile version of Wikipedia. They have mobilized a bunch of other wikis and launched Wikizap, a wiki directory. It features mobile versions of such weird and wacky wikis as the Muppet Wiki, Wookieepedia, the Harry Potter Wiki and NFL, hockey and baseball wikis. And that’s just of few of the over 30 wikis in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian and Japanese … Continue reading – Look Up Any Pill

Not sure what those pills your doctor prescribed are for and what side effects to watch out for? Wondering about the strange pills you found in Johnny’s room? Or are you a medical professional who needs quick access to a professional drug reference in the field? combines separate professional and consumer drug references with a handy “Pill Wizard” for identifying mystery pills. Search by drug name or shape, color and the imprint on a pill or capsule. The wizard … Continue reading

USGovXML – Big Government Data Mobile Mashup

The US government makes an enormous amount of data available for free as downloadable XML files and through Web based APIs .  There’s a comprehensive listing of government data sources and tips for using them at Many of these data sources could easily be turned into useful web and mobile web services.  has created a collection of sample mobile mashups using a small subset of the available US government data services at There’s a huge amount of … Continue reading

Check Your Blood Alcohol With Your Phone

The Century Council, an alcoholic beverage industry group, is sponsoring a free blood alcohol checking site on the mobile web at  The idea is that before you go out to a party or a night on the town you use the site to calculate your projected blood alcohol concentration.  If the result is over the legal limit of .08 you are warned. if you plan on getting really sloshed by say, downing 10 shots in an hour you will … Continue reading

The Official Wikipedia Mobile

Since the early days of wml-only WAP, Wikipedia’s content has been available in mobile format through a variety of third party sites.   Wikipedia’s “Mobile Access” page lists nine that are currently active plus Wikipedia’s own official mobile site at The official site was launched in June 2007 but is new to me. I’ve been using since shortly after it launched in 2004. I really like Wapedia.  It’s fast, always up and does an outstanding job of adapting Wikipedia content to … Continue reading

FBI Most Wanted .mobi!

I got an email from Mark at Idea Earth suggesting I take a look at the mobile sites they have developed. Idea Earth’s got a boatload of sites, but one jumped out at me as especially interesting and unusual was It’s just what the name suggests, a mobile version of the famous Federal Bureau  of Investigation’s 10 Most Wanted Fugitives List.  The list has been around for almost 60 years and every American has no doubt seen the hard … Continue reading