More Mobile Transit Sites

Public Transit can be pretty frustrating. Like waiting an hour for a bus only to discover that the service only runs on weekdays and today is Saturday. Or missing the last bus home after a night on the town and having to walk 5 miles.

Here are some mobile web sites that can help make transit a relatively efficient and worry free experience. Continue reading


Chicago’s Regional Transit Authority (RTA) has a mobile site ( with a trip planner and schedules for all the agencies that operate rail and bus transit in the greater Chicago area. I’ve been to Chicago several times and have been impressed with the city’s public transit system – fast frequent rail service goes almost everywhere and where rail doesn’t go there is good bus service. I had high expectations for RTA’s trip planner. I have to say I was disappointed. … Continue reading

Almost as Good as QR Codes

Real time transit information is something that is a natural for the mobile web. It’s huge in Japan where it’s often combined with QR Codes for almost instant access. Check out the graphic below from Forrester Research via ZD Net’s Russell Shaw to see how it works. Here in the West, using 2D codes for this purpose is in it’s infancy. There’s a pilot project in Paris but widespread adoption seems years away. The big thing holding back the use … Continue reading