How To Hide the Opera Mini 8 Virtual Keypad On Samsung, LG and Other Touchscreen Phones


When the Java ME version of the Opera Mini Browser is running on many touch screen phones, an unnecessary virtual keypad appears at the bottom of the screen (image above left). The keypad wastes space, looks ugly and isn’t needed with touch aware apps like Opera Mini. The keypad is not part of Opera Mini. It’s something your phone adds because it doesn’t recognize that Opera Mini is optimized for touch. There are several ways to get rid of the virtual keypad … Continue reading

Updated: Download Old Opera Mini Java, PalmOS and BlackBerry Versions Here


Opera Mini updates are usually a good thing. They include bug fixes and often, new features. But for a few users, usually with old or obscure phones, the new version doesn’t work as well as the old one or work at all. On the Opera Mini User forum there is a recurrent theme of users, trying a released version and insisting that one of older ones, was better. There’s a sticky post on the forum with links to some old versions but it’s far from … Continue reading

Son Of The Engadget Demobilizer – A New Bookmarklet To View Engadget’s Desktop Version In Opera Mini

One of my favorite tech news sites,, recently started forcing Opera Mini users to a new mobile version of the site that looks like it was designed for legacy dumb phone browsers (image, left). I could live with the boring plain text on a white background, but not with the severely degraded and distorted images. But the worst part of the new design is the pagination, which breaks most articles into multiple tiny pages. Even on dumbphones, Opera Mini can load … Continue reading

The Engadget Demobilizer – A Bookmarklet To View Engadget’s Desktop Version In Opera Mini

Engadget is my favorite source of news about all sorts of tech including mobile devices, platforms and apps. I was a little worried when AOL acquired Engadget and many of my favorite writers left.  But the new crew at Engadget is great, they’re delivering lots of well written and well edited breaking news stories, reviews and great photos and videos of the latest gear. I like Engadget’s mobile site at too. Well actually I like it in most mobile browsers … Continue reading

Opera Mini Secret Codes


Opera Mini has some special commands that you enter in the address bar like a URL but without the “http://”. Many of them return information that’s probably only of interest to Opera’s developers but a couple are actually very useful. My favorite is config: which opens Opera Mini’s Power User Settings page where you can tweak  many browser settings like the timeout and whether the browser should make phone numbers clickable. See my post Opera Mini’s Hidden Power User Menu for … Continue reading

How to Add Search Engines To Opera Mini 5

One thing that new users of Opera Mini seem to have trouble with is adding custom search engines. Questions about adding search engines come up all the time on the Opera Mini Forum.  It’s easy to understand why, the process is not hard but it’s also not particularly intuitive or obvious and neither the official Opera Mini FAQ or the in-app help explain it. To fill the gap, I’ve created this little tutorial with images for both the touch screen … Continue reading

Opera Mini iPhone Tips and Tricks

Opera Mini  for the iPhone is a runaway success, it was the most free popular app in all 22  iTunes markets around the world for several days and over a million copies were  downloaded the first day it was available. For many of those million plus new users this is probably their first experience with Opera Mini.  The browser is very fast and intuitive to use but it does work a bit differently than Safari. Here are some  fixes and … Continue reading

Problems With Bookmarklets in Opera Mini 5 Beta 2

Update: These issues were fixed in Opera Mini 5 Final The latest beta of Opera Mini 5 is my new browser of choice. On my Nokia N95-3 it’s fast and stable and offers great rendering and a best in class feature set including tabbed browsing, bookmark synchronization and a choice of desktop or fit to width formatting. But I’m also a big user of bookmarklets, snippets of JavaScript stored in a browser bookmark.  Bookmarklets provide all sorts productivity enhancing features. … Continue reading