GeoFanPage – Facebook Driven Local Search

Coded in 24 hours at the Muther of all Hackathons in Silicon Valley this mobile web app finds nearby businesses by searching Facebook Fan Pages.  It won its co-creators a pair MacBook Airs as the best mashup using‘s cross-platform mobile web platform. Clicking a search result displays the businesses address, click to call phone number and a mobile formatted view of their Facebook Wall and Twitter timeline The cross platform app works only in browsers with geolocation support, there’s no … Continue reading

TicketMaster’s Low Tech Solution to the Mobile Payment Problem

I’ve been pretty disappointed with attempts to offer online event ticketing via the mobile web. The sites I’ve looked at have been marred by pretty serious usability issues.  A lot of the problems are related to payment. There really aren’t any convenient ways to pay for purchases on the mobile web that are also widely adopted.  The mobile versions of PayPal and Google Checkout are easy to use but don’t seem to have caught on with consumers or merchants.  On … Continue reading

Google Gears Opens Up Mobile LBS

As promised in May at Google I/O, Google has added a geolocation API to Gears. It supports IE, Firefox and Mobile Internet Explorer. When the latest Gears is installed on a compatible phone, the API provides JavaScript methods to retrieve the device’s current location using Cell IDs and/or GPS. Gears provides a standards compliant way to share your location with mobile websites, opening up all sorts of possibilities for location based mobile web services. The announcement is on the official … Continue reading