Jolla Ltd’s Responsive Site

New Site Added to the Wap Review Mobile Directory Mobile Link: Rating: Content  Usability Doctype: HTML5 Home Page Weight: 719 KB (1202 KB uncompressed) Category: Tech/Mobile/OS – Brand Specific/Meego – Mer – Jolla Description: Jolla’s new site uses a responsive design techniques to adapt  to all viewport widths. It works well in mobile browsers, including Opera Mini, that can handle the site’s rather heavy pages. Jolla Ltd., headquartered in Helsinki, Finland, is developing mobile devices and the open Sailfish OS based … Continue reading

PhoneDog Mobile – News, Reviews, Videos and More

The mobile edition of  US based mobile phone news and reviews site, serves up most of the editorial content on the full-web PhoneDog site in mobile-friendly format. The one-size-fits-all-devices site’s front page lists PhoneDog’s most recent posts in chronological order with a thumbnail image for each item. Individual post pages contain the full-text and all the images and videos from the full-web version. Pages can get quite large, over a megabyte in some cases. That shouldn’t be a problem for … Continue reading

PinStack – Not Just For BlackBerrys Anymore

Pinstack, one of the oldest (founded 2004) and largest (over 300,000 registered members) BlackBerry user forums has changed it’s focus. Sometime in the last year or so the site gained Android, iPhone, Windows Mobile, Palm and other smartphone sub-forums and changed its byline from “Where BlackBerry professionals Connect!” to “Smartphone Professionals Alliance!”. PinStack has always been a very active and well run forum with many knowledgeable and active users, so as someone who is interested in all mobile platforms I … Continue reading

Fone Frenzy – Independent Mobile News and Reviews

I recently discovered Fone Frenzy via tankgrl who’s latest “Talking with tnkgrl” video podcast features the site’s Tony Peric as co-host. Fone Frenzy is a a general mobile news and reviews site something like MobileCrunch, IntoMobile or Engadget Mobile. The difference is that Fone Frenzy is, as far as I can tell, the work of  just two guys, Tony and Daniel Rodriguez. They are incredibly knowledgeable mobile technology fanatics who give their own personal, unbiased opinions on the latest mobile … Continue reading

tnkgrl Mobile – Great Gadget Reviews and Hacks

Thanks to now automatically generating a mobile formatted version of all hosted blogs, one of my favorite mobile and gadget sites, tnkgrl Mobile, is finally mobile friendly! tnkgrl always seems to get the latest phones, netbooks and tablets before anyone else.  Not only does she unbox, review, photograph and video her review units in exhaustive detail but she also takes them apart, hacks and unlocks them. Only tnkgrl will show you how to add internal Bluetooth and a 3G … Continue reading

WOMWorld’s Mobile Friendly Redesign

Nokia’s WOMWorld received a redesign last week. Gone are the dozens of static product images which slowed pge loads and were only interesting the first time you viewed the site. The new layout is lighter, cleaner looking and loads much faster. A nice side effect of the redesigns is that WOMWorld is now available in a mobile friendly version, created with Crowd Favorite’s WordPress Mobile Edition. WOMWorld is a news aggregator that pulls together the latest news and opinions about … Continue reading

My Nokia Blog – Symbian and Maemo Tips, Reviews and Downloads

Jay Montano’s My Nokia Blog is one of my favorite Nokia specific sites. Covering Symbian and Maemo and updated daily, the site is full of tips for making the most of your Nokia smartphone. There are also reviews of the newest Nokias with plenty of quality photos and videos and a catalog of free apps, games and themes. Jay recently got his hands on an N900 and has done an extensive review and several videos of it and has posted … Continue reading

i-Symbian Reborn As The Independent Symbian Blog

Asri al-Baker’s been a Symbian enthusiast since the Psion days. He published i-Symbian for many years until shutting it down last year. Asri recently started up his blog again as “The Independent Symbian Blog“. It’s updated daily with items on the latest Symbian hardware and software including some of the best coverage I’ve seen of Opera Mobile 10 for Symbian. Asri uses the MobilePress plugin for WordPress to generate the mobile version of The Independent Symbian blog. Filed in: Wap … Continue reading