The New Twitter Mobile WebApp – Nice Looking But Less functional?

Yesterday Twitter announced that it was in the process of rolling out a new design that would unify Twitter’s look and feel across all platforms.  The new full Web version will be rolled out slowly but according the Twitter the new look is available now in the Android and iOS apps and at At least that’s what they say. I headed over to to look at the new design. And to my surprise I saw the “old” Twitter … Continue reading

iVillage’s Full Featured New Mobile Site

NBC Universal’s iVillage is a popular and fast growing online news blog and community targeted at women. It features articles and user driven forum discussions on topics of particular interest to women including pregnancy and parenting, health, food, entertainment, home and garden and beauty and style. iVillage has just launched an ambitious new mobile site that includes the entire iVillage editorial and community content with complete with all images and videos. The Drupal based news sections are mobilized using Mobify’s visual design … Continue reading

GetGlue’s Mobile Webapp Lets you Check-in to Books, Movies, Music, Baseball Games and More

  AdaptiveBlue’s is a check-in based social media service. Rather than checking into a physical venue like with Foursquare or Gowalla, GetGlue users check into entertainment media like TV shows, movies, books, music, magazines, Web pages, foods, beverages, video games etc. Instead of badges, they win stickers. And these aren’t just virtual stickers either. When you accumulate seven stickers, GetGlue will mail them to you as actual physical stickers to plaster on your laptop, refrigerator or whatever. GetGlue users … Continue reading

Moving From Twitter to – Mobile Clients

On Friday Ryan Sarver, Twitter’s Product Manager for the Platform / API team dropped a bomb on third party Twitter app developers with a post on the “Twitter API Announcement” Google Group that included the chilling line “…developers ask us if they should build client apps that mimic or reproduce the mainstream Twitter consumer client experience,” he wrote. The answer is no.” Sarver’s statement was echoed  by recent changes in Twitter’s terms of service. Techcrunch did a comparison of the … Continue reading

All Tumblr Blogs Have A Mobile Version

This isn’t new but I just discovered it. There’s a mobile formatted version of every Tumblr blog. To see it, just add “/mobile” to the end of a Tumblr blog’s URL.  There’s doesn’t seem to be any mobile browser detection and redirection, you have to manually change the URL. A few examples from Social Media Explorer‘s list the Top 25 Blogs: Tumbler is a free microblogging service that lets users post  text, images and video … Continue reading

Facebook Places, the Mobile Perspective

Facebook created a wave of excitement and consternation this week with the announcement of Facebook Places. It adds mobile check ins, ala Foursquare, to the Facebook iPhone app and the mobile webapp. When you click the Places Tab or a new teardrop shaped icon next to the status box on your Facebook homepage or wall, Facebook uses your location to display nearby  “Places” relevant to your interests (image top left). You can check in to a place, add new … Continue reading

Updated: Opera Mini Users No Longer Blocked From Full Version of Facebook

Update: It looks like this issue has been fixed. Users of Opera Mini and other mobile browsers can now visit the full version of Facebook.  That’s not to say that every feature of  Facebook’s deskop site will work perfectly in every mobile browser, but at least mobile users will be able to try.  The direct url to the full site is or you  can start with, which will redirect you to the mobile version.  Scroll to the bottom … Continue reading

Foursquare Competitor Gowalla’s Location Aware Mobile WebApp

Gowalla is a location based social networking “game” that is very similar to the better known Foursquare. But it’s not a copy or clone. The two services were created independently and both were launched essentially simultaneously at SXSW last year. Gowalla players compete for “Pins”, the equivalent or Foursquare’s badges, by checking in at physical locations around their neighborhood, city and the world. Gowalla has always allowed checkins anywhere, unlike Foursquare which was restricted to 100 major cities until recently. … Continue reading