I received an email yesterday from a gentleman named Eduardo Casais asking me to take a look his company’s mobile World Cup site. The company is called Areppim AG and appears to be a web design firm in Bern, Switzerland. I’m rather impressed by the site and wanted to get this post up before tomorrow’s Germany – Italy match. Areppim has come up with an unusual and interesting concept and an excellent mobile site from the standpoint of usability and … Continue reading


Deutsche Welle or ‘DW’ is Germany’s independent but publicly funded international broadcaster. Somewhat similar to the BBC International Service or the Voice of America, DW broadcasts shortwave radio news, sports and cultural content in 29 languages and satellite TV in four; English, German, Spanish and Arabic. Like the BBC, DW has a comprehensive Internet site, DW-WORLD.DE again in 29 languages. Of course I wouldn’t be witting about DW-WORLD unless they had an interesting mobile web site. The mobile site is … Continue reading

Big Pond World Cup

Another day, another World Cup site. Actually, this is a very good one from Australia’s Big Pond, a major ISP down under which is owned by the Australian telecom giant, Telstra. Big Pond has an attractive mobile home page, http://wap.telstra.com/wap/ although much of the content is links to external sites like CNN, Yahoo, etc. For the World Cup, Big Pond has commissioned Sportall to produce an original mobile site. On the right device, it’s very attractive mobile web design and … Continue reading

World Cup

Inspired by Martin’s post about the official FIFA World Cup mobile web site, I went looking for other World Cup related mobile content. What follows is a list of what’s out there right now. To help you find these sites on your phone I’ve put up a World Cup page on the yeswap.com mobile portal with links to these sites and will add any more that I see or hear about. For those of you (mostly Americans) who have no … Continue reading