Mobile Mail – Why Can’t I Follow Links and Apply Labels?

Design requires compromise. That’s especially true when designing for the mobile web. It’s easy to get carried away with implementing features that are too complex to be practical in the mobile context. On the other hand you don’t want to omit essential functionality. Getting the the right balance is a real art and even the big boys don’t always get it right. Case in point Yahoo and Google‘s mobile email sites and applications. Yahoo Mail and gMail are the leading … Continue reading

Bango’s Button – Broken? is a service that handles payments for off-portal mobile content providers. If you are selling ring tones, games, videos or whatever on the mobile web Bango handles the complex details of collecting funds from users anywhere in the world either by direct billing on the customer’s phone bill, a credit card or PayPal. I’ve heard only good things about Bango’s billing service. I was intrigued when I learned about Bango’s new Bango Button service which is supposed to make … Continue reading

Opera Mini 4.0 – Better than WebKit?

Opera Mini 4.0 is out of Beta! You can download it by pointing your phone or PC browser at There are no new features in this version compared with the last Beta. What there are is lots of bug fixes and compatibility with more handsets. Compared with Opera Mini, 3.1 though, 4.0 adds a huge list of enhancements; the main ones being OperaLink which synchronizes mobile bookmarks and Speed Dial with desktop Opera, and Desktop Rendering, Opera’s answer to … Continue reading

Offline Browsing with Opera Mini, Bloglines and gMail

Do you browse the mobile web while riding on public transit? I do most of my mobile web browsing and also catch up with email during my hour long daily commute on the BART train. I see a lot of other people doing the same thing on my train. And that’s in spite of the fact that about half of that time the train is in tunnels where there is no cellular reception. I used to wish I could download … Continue reading

Mobile Web (un)Usability

My fellow mobilist and host of this weeks Carnival of the Mobilists, Daniel Taylor at Mobile Enterprise Weblog has posted an interesting piece on mobile web usability or lack there of. Daniel’s article, Who Designs This Stuff? describes the difficulties and frustrations that he experienced trying to accomplish something on the mobile web that should have been easy – getting the arrival time of a airline flight. The problems Daniel experienced are typical of the frustration that many users experience … Continue reading