DotMobi’s New WordPress Mobile Plugin

Images courtesy of dotMobi dotMobi just released WordPress Mobile Pack, a plugin that creates a mobile version of your WordPress Blog.  There are at least a half a dozen plugins that claim to do the same thing so you might ask if we really need yet another.  I’ve been playing with a pre-release version of Mobile Pack  for the last week and believe that is the most complete, standards compiant and extensible yet.  It’s also very easy to install and … Continue reading

Don’t Break Mobile Thematic Consistency

Updated 12-Dec-2008 Added clarification of how the MoFuse plugin works. In the jargon of mobile web development “thematic consistency” means that if you visit the same URL with different devices you should see more or less the same content.  It may be formatted differently, images may be smaller or missing and long pages split up when viewed with a mobile browser, but the essential theme of the page should be the same on all devices. For example, if you write … Continue reading