New Browser Releases: Opera Mini 6 for iOS, Bolt 2.51 and Opera Mobile 11 for MeeGo N900 DE

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This week was a busy one for mobile browser vendors with three new releases. The most notable is the long awaited Opera Mini 6 for the iPhone and iPad which was announced and demoed at CTIA in March and is finally available.  I wonder how much of the delay was due to Apple’s paternalistic app aproval process?

New features in the iOS release include:

  • Updated design with a fresh new look and feel
  • Super smooth pinch-to-zoom and panning Support for iPhone 4 retina display, iPad, and iPad 2 devices
  • Direct share on Facebook, Twitter, vKontakte and My Opera
  • Open new page in background tab
  • Improved international font support for Arabic, Chinese, Vietnamese, and other non-latin languages

You can download Opera Mini 6 for the iPhone and iPad from the iTunes App Store.

Opera also  launched Opera Mobile 11 for MeeGo 1.2 N900 Developer Edition (DE).  The browser has been available for MeeGo Tablets and to the N900 running Maemo for some time. The new version adds support for the N900 developer edition of MeeGo which itself was just released at the MeeGo conference this week. Interesting that there was a two month delay for iOS vs. instant gratification for MeeGo N900 DE. What a difference an  open OS makes.

Note that MeeGo DE on the N900 is primarily intended for devlopers and is not recomended for regular users at this time. There are still some issues with making calls and other core phone features. Check here for the current status of MeeGo on the N900.

Finally, the Bolt Browser was updated to version 2.51. I suspect this is strictly a bug fix update as there has been no press release and no announcement of the new version on the official Bolt user forum. The in-app “What’s New in Bolt” help page is unchanged from version 2.5.  Current Bolt users will be prompted to update when they launch the browser. New users can download 2.51 for

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