How To Hide the Opera Mini 8 Virtual Keypad On Samsung, LG and Other Touchscreen Phones

Opera Mini 8 With Virtual Keypad Opera Mini 8 Without Virtual Keypad

When the Java ME version of the Opera Mini Browser is running on many touch screen phones, an unnecessary virtual keypad appears at the bottom of the screen (image above left). The keypad wastes space, looks ugly and isn’t needed with touch aware apps like Opera Mini. The keypad is not part of Opera Mini. It’s something your phone adds because it doesn’t recognize that Opera Mini is optimized for touch.

There are several ways to get rid of the virtual keypad so your Opera Mini looks like the right hand image above.

I. By using the phone’s menu

Some phones have a menu option for getting rid of the keypad. I’ve only seen it on Samsungs but it may be an option on other brands as well.

  • Open the folder or menu where you launch Opera Mini. On my Samsung Wave it’s called “Games and more“.
  • Look for and tap a button named  “Options“, “Menu” or something similar or has an icon that looks like a menu, stack of papers or three dots. On the Wave it’s  the middle button with the three dots in the left hand screenshot below.
  • In the Options menu (image below, center) look for and tap a button labeled “Use virtual keypad
  • On the next screen tap the check mark next to Opera Mini (image below, right) to remove it and then tap the Save button. Now launch Opera Mini and the virtual keypad should be gone

Samsung Wave - "Games and more" Menu Samsung Wave - Options Menu Samsung Wave - Use Virtual Keyboard Menu

If your phone doesn’t have a menu option to remove the keypad continue reading to see if Opera Mini has a fix for your phone.

II. By using an official version of Mini customized for your phone to remove the virtual keypad.

If Opera recognizes and officially supports your phone it should deliver a modified version of Opera Mini that has code telling your phone to remove the keypad.  Opera can only recognize your phone if you download Mini from using the phone’s built-in browser.  If you download Opera Mini from an unofficial source or downloaded it with your PC and copied to the phone using Bluetooth or a cable you have a generic version that’s not optimized for your phone.

If you download Mini from with your phone’s built-in browser and you still get the virtual keypad, let Opera know so they can fix it in a future release. File a bug report at Also visit with your phone’s built-in browser and fill in the form listing the phone make and model.

If you still have the virtual keypad after downloading from with your phone browser and you don’t want to wait for Opera to get around to fixing it, which can take months, it’s easy to fix it yourself. Read on for instructions.

III. By modifying the Opera Mini jad file to remove the virtual keypad

You will need a PC, some patience and the ability to follow directions to modify Opera Mini. If you lack any of those or want someone else to do the work, skip to the end of this post for a link to an already modified version of Opera Mini.

Obtain an official copy of the Opera Mini jad file. You can download the unsigned versions of Opera Mini directly to your PC from

The trouble with unsigned apps is that on most phones you will get annoying pop-up messages asking you to allow Opera Mini to connect. On some phones you only get one pop-up when you first start Opera Mini but on others you get pop-ups every time you click a link which makes Opera Mini almost unusable. A few phones won’t allow unsigned apps to connect at all.

Opera will only let you download the signed versions of Opera Mini using a mobile browser. So to download the signed jad file to a PC we have to fool the Opera site into thinking we are using a mobile browser. The easiest way to do that is with the Firefox browser and the User Agent Switcher extension.

  • Launch the Firefox browser
  • Click the Tools menu and Add-on > Extensions. Search for “User Agent Switcher”
  • Install the User Agent Switcher extension by chrispederick
  • Restart Firefox
  • Open the Tools Menu and choose “Default User Agent > Edit User Agents”
  • Click the “New” button and Choose “New User Agent”
  • Enter “Mobile User Agent” in the “Description” field
  • In the User Agent field, enter you phone’s built-in browser’s  user agent. You can find it by visiting with the phone browser which lets you email your browser’s user agent and other headers to yourself.
  • Blank out all the other fields, press the OK button to save.
  • Go to the Tools Menu  and choose “Default User Agent >”Mobile User Agent”
  • Go to using the Firefox browser
  • Click “Other Download Options
  • Click “Select Code-Signing Certificate” under “Options for Opera Mini 7.1:” (or under “Options for Opera Mini 4.5:” if you prefer that version)
  • Click “All Certificates” (works on most phones. If it doesn’t on yours try repeating this process with one of the other signed options)
  • Click “Download Opera Mini 7.1 (or 4.5)” and save the file (named mini.jad) somewhere where you can find it later
  • Open the downloaded mini.jad with a text editor or Windows Wordpad
  • Scroll to the bottom of the file and paste in the following lines:

MIDlet-Touch-Support: true
UseNativeTextButtons: hide
ReverseSoftkeys: hide
UseNativeCommands: hide
Navi-Key-Hidden: true
Nokia-MIDlet-On-Screen-Keypad: no
MIDlet-ScreenMode: ROTATE
MIDlet-Landscape-Support: true
LGE-MIDlet-Width: 240
LGE-MIDlet-Height: 400
LGE-MIDlet-On-Screen-Keypad: no
LGE-MIDlet-Display-Mode: both

Upload the file to or another file sharing service that is easy to use in your phone browser. Click here to get a free 2GB Dropbox account (by using this referral link I get an extra 250 MB of storage in my Dropbox which I thank you for).

Visit Dropbox with your phone browser and click the modified mini.jad link to download it on your phone.

If that didn’t work or you don’t have a PC or are just in a hurry, here’s are links my modified signed jad files for various Opera Mini versions:

Updated 8-Apr-2014 with new signing certificates as the ones had expired: Opera Mini 8.0, released 12-Mar-2014,  is the latest “full” version of Opera Mini. Changes in this release include:

  • A new minimalist “flat” design
  • Night Mode
  • You can now adjust image quality on the data savings page
  • Private mode

Here’s a modified version without the virtual keypad or

Updated 8-Apr-2014 with new signing certificates as the ones had expired: Opera Mini 4.5, which was released 6-Aug-2013, is latest “lite” version of Opera Mini for phones with limited memory Here’s a modified version without the virtual keypad or

Older Versions:

Update 6-Apr-2014: The certificates have expired on all the files below. It’s not possible for me to update the certificates on these files. They will give an error installing. On some phones it may be possible to install these apps by temporarily setting the phone’s date back to 2/1/2013 or earlier. After the app installs you can (and should) set the phone’s date back to the current date and the app will still work.

Updated 25-Jan-2012: Here’s a modified version of the Opera Mini 6.5: or

Updated 7-Jun-2012:  Here’s a modified version of the Opera Mini 7.0: or

Updated 20-Sept-2012: If you get out of memory errors installing Opera Mini 7, here’s the smaller but less capable Opera Mini 4.4. or

Updated 26-Nov-2012:  Here’s a modified version of Opera Mini 7.1: or

Click any of the above links in your phone browser to install Opera Mini 4.4, 4.5 or 7.0, 7.1 or 8.0 with the virtual keypad disabled.

220 thoughts on “How To Hide the Opera Mini 8 Virtual Keypad On Samsung, LG and Other Touchscreen Phones

  1. Well, sir i was able to use my moms computer to do the steps, but when i go to download the file from my dropbox account, my phone tells my “forbidden”, and then exits. I also tryed to use mini commander but it asks me like a million times ” Untrused Midlet, This app accesses data on your phone, continue?”, and thats it, dosnt let me in. My phone is the LG 840G from tracefone, Please help.

    • Here are a few things to try:

      1. Be sure that the jad file is in your Dropbox Public folder.
      2. If that doesn’t fix it try copying the .jad and .jar files to the phone’s memory card and than use the phone’s file manager (called “My Folders” or something similar) to go to the Memory Card. Tap the .jad file and it should install

      If you are still having problems paste the link to your .jad file on Dropbox into a comment here and I’ll take a look at it.

  2. Im asking for the wattpad app to be modifed and emailed to me at {email removed for your protection}
    I haved read other suggestions, and have gotten replys in denial, but i really need this app for school, for reading, but cannot stand to have the stupid keypad in the way. So im asking you to please modify the app and email me the download link. I would do it on my own, but i dont have a computer.

  3. If u can plz modify ttpod player to 240*400 scrn resolution. Signed n jad file plz it wil b very gradeful 2 u

  4. I modified the mini44.jad file as you described, uploaded to Dropbox, but am having trouble installing the new file. Do I first delete the opera-mini jar file that currently shows in file manager? As I tried to install it, I got the error message “forbidden”. Wondering what the next step is after I have the jad file on my phone? I have an LG840G phone and am trying to install Opera Mini 4.4

  5. Will it work on other games because i tried and it was in asian characters when I opened the file. I’m not sure if that is the reason it didn’t work but if you know anything reply please

  6. Samsung users
    If your phone says ‘java error’ or ‘unable to launch java game’ ,use this code:

    Try increasing the memory

  7. Thanks for the modified operamini. I downloaded the min71.jad but I get an “invalid descriptor” on my LG840g when I attempt to install it. Any ideas what is happening?

    • I don’t have that phone but several other people have said it works on their LG 840G phones.

      Is your phone activated? I’m not sure about the LG 840G, but on some Tracfone’s downloading apps using WiFi doesn’t work on un-activated phones.

    • It’s activated. Everything works on wifi or 3G. Even operamini 7.1 works. Just don’t like the big virtual keypad.

    • Strange that it works for others with the same phone but not for you. Everyone else seems to be installing by typing into the phone’s built in browser. Is that what you are doing?

      Your mention of mini71.jad and “downloading” and then installing makes me think you are doing something else.

      Also, if you already have Opera Mini installed, try removing it first before you try to install this one.

    • I ensured that the previous veriosn of operamini was deleted before installing the .jad. I installed by downloading the .jad file from the site you mention, and then copying it to the phone’s external memory. That resulted in having the virtual keypad. However, I just deleted operamini again and tried the procedure you describe below. Success! Thanks for your help and the .jad!

    • I think the problem is that your jad has extra newlines and spaces in a couple of the lines.


      I joined the lines together and it seems to work. My fixed .jad is here:

  8. i has sucsesto install opera mini with file you posted..sorry if my question out from the topic,different case, i tried to remove virtual keypad in TTPOD 1.7, and it say error illegal argument..hope you can help me

    • Does the unmodified TTPOD 1.7 work on your phone? If it does than the modified one will tooo provided you made the modifications correctly. Double check your work be sure you didn’t make any mistakes.

      Also search the .jad file for a line that starts with “MIDlet-Jar-URL: ” It should be followed by the full URL to the TTPOD jar file online starting with http:// or https:// If there isn’t a full path you need to upload the jar to your Dropbox public folder and put the Dropbox public url there. i.e., MIDlet-Jar-URL:

    • The Samsung GT-C3312 Champ Deluxe is supported by Opera. You should be able to download it directly from Download it using the phone’s built in browser so that the phone model is recognized and Opera sends you a version modified to remove the virtual keyboard.

  9. sir recently i have used ur method to remove virtual keypad in opera mini 7.1 and glad to say that it works nice .I heartly thankful to you.

  10. hello dennis, can you help me to hide virtual keypad on TTpod, i using samsung c3312. i tried to edit, but it failed to install.thanks

    • Opera Mini is no longer supported by Opera. There are lots of server side bugs (cookie problems, most login forms are brokenetc.). Any touchscrren phone should be modern enough and powerful enough to run Opera Mini 4.4. I’m not wasting my time to modify Opera Mini 3.2 for you. If you really want it the instructions are in the post.

  11. but denis i want install many opera mini with various in my phone. So what i do now. Plz help me.

  12. ok denis add the opera mini 7.1 here as a post as soon as posible. Ok quick post here the modified version and edit thats name to operamini 7.1 the browser main show name.

  13. in samsung phone when i updated any app with newer version then the app data of previous version does not remain in newer version. Nokia’s phones can do it. IS there any solution?

  14. plz give only thwate or verisign certificate signed version of opera mini 6.5 plz sir help me.

    • I’m sorry but I don’t have the time to do every possible version Opera Mini with every certificate type. The Opera Mini 6.5 and 7.0 on this page have both Verisign and Thwate certificates. Oprea Mini 4.4 on this page is Verisign only. If those don’t work for you there are instructions here showing you how to create your own .

  15. sir i hv samsunp c3312 . When i dwnlod om7 or om m6.5 frm above given link i got authentacion failed. Plz give these link in .jar type means unsigned. Plz help me sir

  16. sir thanx for ur reply bt sir it keeps on showing
    also sir i want to tell you that there was a pre-installed version of
    opera mini 6.5 and earlier it had no virtual keypad but one day when I
    opened it to use it . The browser itself was installed and now it had
    a virtual keypad
    sir plz help of out thanx :-)

  17. you are a good man :) thank you a lot
    operamini7 worked on sgh-s3370 with no virtual keyboard

  18. sir i am unable to download either of opera mini 6.5 & 7 as my phone is showing out of memory error bt sir i want to use 6.5 version only so sir please do something for me . My phone model is Samsung GT C3312 Champ Deluxe Duos

  19. Thank you for your response.I forgot to say that I was using opera mini 4.4 because it was not working without touch in opera mini 7.Opera mini 7 does not allow me to use it without touch.Inline editing does not work without onscreen keyboard,which is too small on a 2.4 inch touchscreen.I want to use opera mini 7 without touch version.It just forces me to use touch version.I want opera mini 7 to look like it is on Nokia c3 or Nokia x2-01.

    • There’s a setting for the Opera keyboard in Opera Mini 7’s Settings > Advanced menu. Set to “Never” and you should be able to use the phone’s hardware keyboard everywhere.

      With the hardware keyboard active inline editing isn’t possible as Opera uses the device’s input method. That’s not something the user can change.

      It’s also not possible to force Opera Mini 7 to use its non-touch UI on touch devices.

      To get rid of the bottom navigation bar in Opera Mini 7 select “Full screen” in the settings menu.

  20. Sorry,But my problem is little bit different.I have an alcatel ot 813d touch and type.It has a navigation d-pad,so I don’t need to touch the screen for navigation.But opera itself configures mini for touch.So I am unable to use it without touch.I want to remove that navigation bar of opera(yes that of opera)My phone does not show its own bar,as shown in left picture,as it is not full touch.I want to tell opera mini that this is not a touch phone.I want it to look like it looks on nokia c3 or x2-01.Please,help me on that thing.I am using opera mini 4.4 now.

    • Opera Mini 4.4 doesn’t have a navigation bar of its own, just narrow black bars at the top showing the page title and at the bottom showing the soft key labels. If you are seeing a bottom bar with left and right arrows it’s coming from the phone. If the modified jad file on this page doesn’t remove it perhaps Alcatel phones require a different .jad file attribute to remove the navigation or don’t support removing it.

  21. Sir, that fix you suggested was for a previous version of champ, mind is C3330, the code to start my phones java test is different which I dunno.
    can you please somehow solve the issue am facing:-(

  22. sir, it shows java error. content size too large, i could well instal UC BROWSER to my phone but opera doesn seem to work? i tried modifying myself but again it gives the same error!!!!

  23. Awesome Dennis! Thank you! It works very well, exactly what I was looking for. Can you plz mod a UC8.x also (no Nav + Land)? Ill post this good stuff on a few forums I know of for the Xpression. Thanks a ton!

  24. Directed my LG Xpression C395 at the pre-modded Mini7.jad dropbox link and did indeed Download it with no problem from the link. However, the navigation bar remains? Looks the same as what i had by default. Works the same too. Seems the mod just did not do anything to the app.

    Any way i can remove the virtual nav bar from my LG Xperssion while useing Mini7?

    • Also a Landscape Mod for UCBrowser would be awsome for my phone (LG Xpression)! If these work would it b ok to share the links/info on some other forums/sites?

      the Xpression is very new and i know it would help many people. Thanks!

    • I don’t have an LG phone to test with but I added a couple of LG specific commands to the jad file:
      LGE-MIDlet-Width: 240
      LGE-MIDlet-Height: 400

      I also added commands that are supposed to enable landscape and auto rotation:
      MIDlet-ScreenMode: ROTATE
      MIDlet-Landscape-Support: true

      The modified jad is at shortlink:

      Let me know if it works and if it does I’ll do the same for the UC Browser

  25. I m using samsung champ deluxe please modify any opera mini for this phone

    • As far a sI know the ones I posted should work on any phone that can run Opera Mini 6.5 or 7.0. If you phone can’t what versions of Opera Mini does it run?

  26. But I was able to download UC Browser 8.3 from your blog. Then what’s the problem?

    • Possible reasons why the modified Opera Mini doesn’t work include:

      1. You already have a unsigned version of Opera Mini, or one signed by a different signing authority installed and your phone’s platform security is blocking the installation.
      Fix this by uninstalling the old version before installing the new.

      2. You phone doesn’t support the all certificates version of Opera Mini which I used to create the modified version.
      Solution: Try all 4 versions of Opera Mini 7 (All Certificates, Thawte, Verisign, No Certificate) from and tell me which one works and I’ll create a modified one for you.

      3. Your operator blocks jar down loads from
      Possible solution: download one of the jad files and corresponding jar ( or
      to a PC. Copy the jad and jar to your phone’s memory card and click on the jad using the phone’s file manager)

      4. Your phone doesn’t support any version of Opera Mini 7 or 6.5.
      There’s no solution to this.

  27. I was unable to download both opera mini 6.5 and 7.0 touch screen versions from your site. Because it says that Java error. Can you please fix it? My phone model is Samsung GT-3330. Because of the smaller screen I am unable to see the big pages. Please fix it as early as possible.

    • Sorry it doesn’t work for you. If you have Opera Mini already installed try uninstalling it first before installing these versions. If that doesn’t work it’s likely that your phone doesn’t support the signatures that Opera uses.

      This solution only works on phones that support Opera’s signatures. If you search with Google there are lot’s of modified jar files on other sites that remove the virtual keyboard. They are unsigned and should work on your phone.

  28. Thank you very much! I’ve been looking for this fix since I got my phone (Samsung T528G). I’m going to post a link to this page on my forum question about his issue.

  29. hello there,im wondering if opera for touch screen phone can also be used for keypad phone?i’ve wanted those navigation bar on the lower part of the screen,im using keypad phöne.

    • There’s only one version of Opera Mini which uses a different user interface on touch screen and non-touchscreen phones. There’s no way to force the touch UI to be server on non-touch devices. It wouldn’t work anyway as most of the touch buttons can’t be trigger by a key press.

  30. sir I just wana request u if u could upload a java edition of ucbrowser 8 like this (No unnecessary keys)version of opera

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