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I’ve done a long overdue cleanup of my Mobile Bookmarklets page at, which has over 40 mobile bookmarklets and instructions for using them. I retested all the bookmarklets and found six that weren’t working. I was able to fix all of them but two. I removed the non-working bookmarklets which were for services (Google Buzz and which no longer exist.

Here are the updated bookmarklets. If you use any of these delete them from you bookmarks and reinstall from

  • Page RankDisplays the current page’s Google Page Rank – Modified to use instead of which was no longer working.
  • Wayback Machine – View old versions of the current page at –Modified to work with’s recent user interface changes.
  • Tweet It – Post a link to the current page to Twitter using a Twitter API Updated to work with latest Twitter API.
  • vi.sualize.usUpload images of the current page to image sharing site – Modified to work with’ redesign.

The following bookmarklets were deleted:

  • Post to Mobleo Add the current page to the Mobleo mobile social bookmarking site – Mobleo has shut down.
  • Share On BuzzPost a link to the current page to Google Buzz – Google has shut down Buzz.

Bookmarkets are snippets of JavaScript in a browser bookmark. They automate sharing links on Twitter or Delicious, subscribing to feeds in Google Reader, translating web pages to another language, fixing illegible page colors and much more. I use them all the time and find they really enhance my productivity.

Most modern mobile browsers support bookmarklets, including Opera Mini 4.0 and later, Mobile Internet Explorer, Palm Blazer, Opera Mobile, iOS Safari, the Android 2.2 and later browser, MicroB, Firefox Mobile and the Nokia browser on the N86, Symbian 5th edition, and Nokia Belle devices.

For more about mobile bookmarklets see the following pages:
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  1. Dennis,
    Your Dataopedia bookmarklet doesn’t work. Why this bookmarklet starts with “%20” ? I am learning about javascript so I am interested in this. And I removed “%20″ from the start and using that bookmarklet openes an page which says,”Non Existent Domain”.Fix this and thanks for the nice bookmarklets.(I am using opera mini 4.5.)

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