Opera Mini For Android Updated to Version 7.5.1

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Opera Mini for Android was updated to version 7.5.1 today. This updates fixes several bugs:

  • Improved connection stability
  • Improved NFC support
  • Page layout improvements
  • Various stabilization fixes

I applied the update on an Motorola M855 Photon running Android 2.3.4. The update was painless and all my bookmarks, speed dials, saved pages and settings were  retained. The previous 7.5 version of Opera mini was reasonably stable on this device but once in a great while it did freeze or force close. Hopefully this update will be even more stable.

The new release is available now in the Google Play Store or directly from opera.com/mobile/download/versions/ for users of non-Google Experience Android devices. Opera Mini requires  Android 1.5 or latter.

Source: Opera Mobile Blog

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