Opera Mini For Android Updated Again To Fix Font Size Issue

My Opera - Opera Mini 7.5.1 My Opera - Opera Mini 7.5.2 My Opera - Opera Mini 7.5.3

On Monday Opera Software released Opera Mini 7.5.2 for Android. It was mostly a bug fix release but also included font changes. I noticed that the fonts on many sites were smaller in the new release. The new fonts made text on the effected sites hard to read and I immediately went back to the previous 7.5.1 version. Play Store reviews of the new version were largely negative as were comments on Opera’s own forums.

Today Opera released Opera Mini Android version 7.5.3 to address the font size issue. I upgraded to the new version and can confirm that font sizes are larger in 7.5.3 (third image, above) than they were in 7.5.2 (middle image) but are still a little smaller than in 7.5.1 (first image). Click the images to view them in their original size. I find the new fonts readable. According to a post on the Opera Mini Forum the changes in 7.5.3 are:

  • Font size and page layout improvements
  • Fixed crash on http://www.drudgereport.com/

The new version identifies itself as 7.5.33361 in the browser’s Help > About Menu. It’s available now from the Android Play Store. I wasn’t able to find a direct apn download on opera.com. Users without Play Store access download a copy from WapReview here: Opera Mini_7.5.3.apk (7.5.33361)

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