New Carnival of the Mobilists

Carnival of the Mobilists

Be sure to check out the latest Mobilist’s Carnival. It’s at All About where Steve Litchfield of The Smartphones Show and 3-Lib fame is making a surprise appearance as guest host.

There’s a lot of new and hot stuff this week including first looks at Nokia’s 5800 and N79  and coverage of the recent “Future of Mobile” conference.

There are also product reviews of the T-Mobile G1, “FastLane Street Racing” for the iPhone and my own examination of the Skyfire browser on S60.

Also a  piece on the South African mobile web scene, where in spite of huge growth in number of users, major web brands are staying away.

Steve Litchfield’s only partially tongue in check comparison of the Psion 3a organizer with current smartphones is included. Steve points out that in many ways we are worse off in terms of the features and usability of our devices than we were 15 years ago.

Items on Femtocells, iPhones in the enterprise and the N-Gage Arena round out the Carnival’s collection of the best recent writing on mobile topics. Don’t miss COTM 152, it’s a good one.