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The post I wrote two years ago about using bookmarklets in Opera Mini is one of the most popular and most linked to  pages on this site. And why not,  bookmarklets – which are snippets of JavaScript stored in a browser bookmark – are extremely useful and powerful.  They work wonders to make your mobile surfing faster and easier.  With two key presses you can subscribe to a feed in your favorite RSS reader, save a link to the current page on over a dozen bookmarking services , translate the current page to a different language, display the current page’s HTTP headers or Google Page rank and much more.

Opera Mini supports bookmarklets but setting them up can be difficult, particularly on phones that don’t offer copy and paste.  But there is an easy way.  Simply create a web page containing a link with the bookmarklet’s JavaScript in the URL’s query string.  For example,

<a href=”o.yeswap.com/?javascript:location.href=%27http://www.bloglines.com/sub/%27+location.href “>Add to Bloglines</a>

Then visit your page with Opera Mini, click  the link, bookmark the page  and modify the bookmark to remove the “o.yeswap.com/?” before the JavaScript.

To save you the trouble of creating a web page and hosting it on a server somewhere, I’ve created o.yeswap.com.  It started out with just a half a dozen bookmarklets a couple of years ago but has grown quite a bit thanks to new bookmarklets submitted by readers.  I just added four more from “Lucian”

  • Stumble It Recommend current page at Stumble Upon.
  • vi.sualize.us Upload images from the current page to image sharing site Vi.sualize.us
  • Media Converter Convert video and audio objects onthe  current page to other formats using Zamzar.com (bottom image)
  • Calculator JavaScript Calculator – enter “number-operator-number” i.e.,  5+81 or 77/6.  You can even use complex expressions with parentheses as shown in the middle image.

With these additions o.yeswap.com now hosts 30 bookmarklets.  With so many, I decided it was time to organize the page a bit. I’ve grouped the bookmarklets into four categories; Bookmarking, RSS, Page Info,  and  Tools and added top and bottom menus with links to each category.

I’ve also updated the  bookmarklets page with a bit of PHP that sets the page title to the name of the bookmarklet that you clicked.  This means that when you save them in Opera Mini, the bookmark title will be pre-populated with a descriptive name instead of just  “Bookmarklet”.  This should eliminate the need to edit the title.

Here’s how to add bookmarklets to Opera Mini.

  1. Visit o.yeswap.com using Opera Mini
  2. Click one of the bookmark links.
  3. When the page reloads, press # then 7 to bookmark the page in Opera Mini.
  4. Edit the bookmark address by removing “http://o.yeswap.com/?” from the beginning and save it. The top image shows the bookmark editing window with the portion to delete highlighted.

To use a bookmarklet:

  1. Visit the page that you want the bookmark to act upon.
  2. Immediately after the page loads go to Bookmarks and choose the bookmarklet.
  3. Set up your frequently used bookmarklets as Opera Mini Speed Dials so that you can launch then with two clicks, * + the bookmark number.

Opera Mini Calculator Bookmarklet

I’ve really only tested these bookmarklets  in Opera Mini 4.2, readers tell me that they also work in recent versions of Mobile Internet Explorer, Palm Blazer and Opera Mobile.  With Opera Mobile bookmarklets only work if you turn off the option to open bookmarks in a new window.

Here’s a complete list of the 30 bookmarklets on o.yeswap.com


Post to Del.icio.us Add the current page to del.icio.us using the standard Del.icio.us Add Bookmark form. It’s not a mobile page but works reasonably well in Opera Mini

Quick del.icio.us Post Post the current page to del.icio.us with no tags but no form to fill out either.

Add to Evernote Add the current page to Evernote

Post to Ma.gnolia.com Add the current page to del.icio.us competitor, Ma.gnolia.com. The nice thing about Ma.gnolia is that they have a mobile friendly version of their site at m.gnolia.com

Post to Mobleo Add the current page to the Mobleo mobile social bookmarking site

Post to :bMarks Add the current page to :bMarks.mobi, another mobile social bookmarking site

Short :bMarks A shorter :bMarks bookmarklet url for phones, like many Motorolas, that can’t handle long URLs

Post to Mobilised Add the current page to Mobilised.net, yet another mobile social bookmarking site

Add to PhoneFavs Add the current page to bookmarking site PhoneFavs.com

Add to Yahoo! Bookmarks Add the current page to Yahoo! Bookmarks

Add to Gbookmarks Add current page to Google Bookmarks

Add to Tripit Add a link the current page to to your scrapbook on travel planning site Tripit.com

Stumble It Recommend current page at Stumble Upon.

vi.sualize.us Upload images of the current page to image sharing site Vi.sualize.us


Add to Google Reader Add current site’s feed to Google reader. Doesn’t work with some sites!

Add to Bloglines Add the current page’s feeds to your Blogline’s subscriptions.

Page Info

Technorati This Search the Mobile Edition of Technorati for Blog posts referencing the current page

Bloglines Citations Read what bloggers have written about the current page using Blogline’s index

Google Info Links to everything Google knows about the current page; description, incoming links, related pages, etc.

Wayback Machine View old versions of the current page at archive.org.

Show Cookies Shows all cookies set by the current page. Demonstrates the use of a Javascript alert()

gCache View Google’s cached version of the current page

Display Headers Show current page’s HTTP headers

Page Rank Display the current page’s Google Page Rank

Web Of Trust Check current site’s reputation on Web Of Trust (WOT)

Opera Mini Media Converter Bookmarklet


Google Translate Translate the current page to English from Arabic, Bulgarian, Catalan, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Filipino, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latvian, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Ukrainian or Vietnamese.

Top Go to top level of current site

Highlight Links Highlight links with a yellow background. Makes links identifiable in Bloglines Mobile.

Media Converter Convert video and audion on current page to other formats using Zamzar.com

Calculator JavaScript Calculator – enter number-operator-number (5+81 or 77/6)

Please keep those submissions of new Opera Mini bookmarkets coming. The best way to submit a bookmark is by leaving a commet on this post. I get a lot of submissions that don’t work so please test your bookmarklets before submitting them.  Test in Opera Mini if possible.  You can run Opera Mini in MicroEmulator on the desktop which will let you paste in the JavaScript.  If setting up MicroEmulator is to daunting, at least test in Opera 9.62 on the desktop.  A bookmarklet that doesn’t work in desktop Opera will never work in Mini. Also keep in mind that the maximum length of an Opera Mini bookmark is 396 characters.

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8 thoughts on “Updated Opera Mini Bookmarklets Page

  1. can u please make a script which can add some cookies on the opera mini.

  2. Thanks a lot for o.Yeswap.COM.
    You might be interested in how i managed to edit the Calculator bmlet to have it working at my vodaphone 533 ?
    Well, could not use the editor of my phone for that because of the length of it. it would be saved as a bookmark though. Got it synchronised using Opera Link and in the web interface did do the edit easy enough.
    Still: wondering how it is handling the user input :)

    Reading part 3 of using the speeddials: i saw something peculiar. In OM 4.2 the * is used, not the #, to get the number of speeddialing. although I am making myself the same mistake too often.
    Suppose nobody was fooled.

    Something that could really make me very glad, is a bookmarklet to check links with siteadvisor or domaintools. Is that a realistic idea?
    i hope so.

    • Thanks for the heads up. I fixed the #/* typo.

      Try using the Web of Trust bookmarklet as an alternative to Siteadvisor. I’ll see if I can make a SiteAdvisor bookmarklet.
      For DomainTools.com. Use the Popurius bookmarklet and clik the WHOIS link to see the site’s DomainTools report

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  4. I discovered that you can use the ‘Linkify’ bookmarklet to help you click the next page on Google Image Search classic mode when you are in mobile view on Opera Mini.

  5. @Lucian,

    I couldn’t get Linkify to work when I was writing the post. I must have been doing something wrong as I just tried again and it works perfectly. I’ve added it to http://o.yeswap.com.

    Thanks for reminding me about Linkify, this is a very useful bookmarklet.

  6. Thanks for adding the four bookmarklets to o.yeswap.com. I’m just curios if you tested this “Linkify” bookmarklet
    I use this bookmarklet mainly on the Yahoo Wap Messenger page. When i receive a link from my friends, Opera Mini 4.2 treats the link as text so if i want to check that link i have to use the “Linkify” bookmarklet . Is this bookmarklet work for you?

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