Updated Opera Mini Bookmarklets Page

The post I wrote two years ago about using bookmarklets in Opera Mini is one of the most popular and most linked to  pages on this site. And why not,  bookmarklets – which are snippets of JavaScript stored in a browser bookmark – are extremely useful and powerful.  They work wonders to make your mobile surfing faster and easier.  With two key presses you can subscribe to a feed in your favorite RSS reader, save a link to the current … Continue reading

Opera Mini Bookmarklets Update

Bookmarklets are a great labor saver when browsing the web, both on a PC and with a mobile.  They are little snippets of JavaScript. With a bookmarklet stored in a browser toolbar button  or an Opera Mini Speed Dial, a single click can do all sorts of useful things like adding the current page’s feed to an RSS Reader, posting its URL to social bookmarking services or translating the page to a different language A while ago I wrote about … Continue reading