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This weekend wouldn’t it be great to sit back and enjoy a pint or two of delicious home brewed beer? Of course you do have to brew it first. is a great resource for the home brewers and beer lovers with detailed beer recipes, brewing tips and beer style guides.

The site also offers several free spreadsheet based calculators designed to help home brewers determine ingredient quantities and boil times to achieve the desired specific gravity, bitterness, color and percent alcohol for theit creations..

Even if you don’t brew it yourself, if you love beer I think you’ll enjoy Craft Beer’s descriptions of famous brews from around the world.

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  1. I wholly delight in brewing beer at home! It has been such a neat hobby. My family has been behind me, but most especially once its time to try my latest recipe. I was startled to learn that it is actually the rich lager brews that I prefer. Just wanted to say cheers for the tips you’ve shared along the way, its been helpful.

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