Untappd’s Mobile Web App – Checking In With A Beer

Called “A Foursquare for Beer Lovers” by Mashable, Untappd is a location aware mobile web app where you check-in with a beer. You can get badges for when and where you check-in and for each different beer you check-in with.¬†Users can add new beers including homebrews and keep a beer wishlist of brews they want to try. Untappd uses the Foursquare API for location support and works anywhere in the world where there’s beer. Other users can see your check-ins … Continue reading

For Home Brewers and Beer Lovers – CraftBeer.mobi

This weekend wouldn’t it be great to sit back and enjoy a pint or two of delicious home brewed beer? Of course you do have to brew it first. CraftBeer.mobi is a great resource for the home brewers and beer lovers with detailed beer recipes, brewing tips and beer style guides. The site also offers several free spreadsheet based calculators designed to help home brewers determine ingredient quantities and boil times to achieve the desired specific gravity, bitterness, color and … Continue reading