Found On The Mobile Web #230


Found on the Mobile Web is a weekly WAP Review feature listing newly added and updated sites on the mobile portal and WapReview mobile site directory. With these latest additions the directory and portal now list 2337 mobile sites.


StackMobile A front-end to the StackExchange network of sites optimized for display on SmartPhones and web-enabled devices. StackExchange started with StackOverflow, a wiki-based user-driven help site for software developers that uses a system of voting and reputation to highlight the best answers for a question.

After StackOverflow became a huge success with developers, StackExchange launched specialized sites for numerous fields. Current StackExchange sites offer help for webmasters, game developers, general PC use, web apps, mathematics, personal finance, WordPress, role playing games, statistical analysis, video gaming, photography, home improvement, geographic information systems, Unix, Linux, Ubuntu, bicycle repair and more.
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Cycling is a leading mobile road cycling magazine presenting pro cycling news, race results, product reviews, training diary, rider interviews, and other bicycling related features. Covers pro cycling races including the Tour de France, the Giro d’Italia and the Vuelta a Espana.
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Tech News Sites and Blogs

Tim Anderson’s ITWriting Freelance tech journalist Tim Anderson delivers in depth computer, software and Internet industry news, analysis and reviews. The site is updated several times each weekday.
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Music Host Network Mobile music community for indie artists And fans of mainstream, independent and popular music in general. Features streaming music and videos by great indie artists from around the world. Source: Oh! Mobile Directory
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Itsmy Mobile social network Itsmy has reinvented itself to emphasize mobile web based games. The first thing you see when you visit the site now is a page promoting the online games which include Celebrity Fame Game, Criminal Pizza, Love Hating Squirrels and The Cowsnatchers Trilogy. The games all have a social element, some are multi-player and all have online high scores. There are over 80 games in all and they are simple enough in their coding and design to work on virtually any phone with a browser.

Itsmy hasn’t given up on social networking either, in addition to games, the site has all the typical mobile social features including profiles, blogs and guest-books, chat rooms, forums and private messaging.
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Android Community Forums Mobile friendly forum for Android users. The forums are part of the Android Community news and reviews site which doesn’t currently have a mobile optimized version of the main site.
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Au Mode


Au Mode Fashion news blog covering trends, designers, the fashion industry and fashion retail trade. Good photo coverage of major designer’s runway shows. Source: Oh! Mobile directory
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Awkward Family Photos Exactly what the name implies, is a place to share your embarrassing, funny and just plain wacky family photos with the world. Created by two Hollywood screenwriters a little over a year ago the site is a minor Internet sensation with over 15 million monthly visitors. It spawned a book that reached the New York Times bestsellers list.

Now you can enjoy Awkward Family Photos on your phone with a new mobile view of the site created with Mobify.
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East Asian Times

News – Asia

East Asian Times The East Asian Times is a strange site. The top of each page carries a header image with the words “Ebeling Heffernan”, which is the name of a financial analytics and consulting company specializing in Asian investments. I though it was an ad banner but clicking just goes to the East Asian Times home page.

The site’s FAQ page refers to the site as The Phuket Sun with no mention the East Asian Times or Ebeling Heffernan.

Confusing branding aside, the site is a pretty good Asian news site that carries page after page of headline stories. The stories are are arranged chronologically and you can go back in time almost indefinitely,”river of news” style by clinking a “Next Page” link.
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flors The personal blog of Quim Gil, MeeGo advocate and community manager at Nokia. This is the place to learn what’s happening with the MeeGo project, get involved and maybe even install an early unstable release of MeeGo on your N900.
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