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Fans of the UC Browser on Android can now download an English language translation of the latest version of the Chinese proxy browser.

UC Forum member James, aka JBIN did the translation. According to him the translation is not complete. It’s certainly usable, top level menus are in English although there are still some Chinese only fields in sub-menus and the browser start page (image top left) and some of the prompts (image bottom right) are in Chinese.  Changes from version 7.2  include a new UI with tabbed menus, rendering improvements, an auto rotation fix, URL auto-completion based on browsing history and improvements in UI speed and smoothness.

Unfortunately, the translation uses UC’s Chinese proxy server and many sites including Twitter, Facebook and all Blogger sites are blocked by the “Great Firewall” (GFW).  This makes the browser more of a curiosity than something that’s actually usable for most people in the West. Still it’s interesting to see UC’s approach to a touch browser UI.  I like the tabbed settings menu and the fact that, unlike with Opera Mini for Android,  checkboxes and radio buttons on Web pages have enlarged target areas making them easy to toggle on touch only devices.

UC 7.5 runs well on a HTC Magic running  Cyanogenmod 6.1 (Android 2.2.1) but force closes on startup on a Motorola i1 Android 1.5 phone.

UC released an official Android version of UC 7.2 six months ago which is available in the Android Market. It uses a server outside of China and thus is not impacted by the GFW. It also works on the i1.  Hopefully UC  will upgrade the official release to 7.5 soon.  In the meantime if you want to try UC 7.5 on your Android device you can download the translated version from the UC Forum (login requird).  For your convenience I’ve loaded a copy on the WapReview server that doesn’t requied a login.

UC browser 75 Android - Window Menu UC 7.5 Android - Facebook Blocked

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6 thoughts on “UC Browser 7.5 for Android English Translation

  1. @zailer ya its uc browser 7.6 Chinese ver and if you update, it’ll change to Chinese language. you’re using unofficial English ver.

    • thanks mannu …but i just came to know about ur facebook page and then i got ur 7.6 translated i guess.posted a day or two before .. using it .. it just failing to open http pages .. i dont know why .. we have to try again and again .. can you mod the server to ENGLISH one .or INTERNATIONAL one … like in symbian


  2. thank you for sharing this info and apk … i have tried it on cyanogen mod 7 boston z71 (i have videocon zues) works fine..i asked for an update available and said ok. the version is
    first of all it didnt install unless i removed previous version manually . 2. since i removed the english trasnlation the newer one was chinese. just suggesting everyone not to click ok for the update.

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