s*com – U.K. Based Mobile Job Search

s*com is a U.K. based recruitment agency specializing in aviation, defence, engineering, government, IT and telecoms jobs. Usability of s*com’s mobile Web site is somewhat hampered by the large banner images and several screens full of boilerplate text touting s*com’s benefits that job seekers have to scroll through to reach the search form. An advanced search form dispenses with the verbiage and allows results to be filtered by industry, permanent/contact and U.K./Rest of the World. Source: Mobility.mobi Filed in: Wap … Continue reading

Build A Mobile Web Search Site Using Bing or Yahoo Data?

It looks like it’s  now possible for developers to create a web search engine on the cheap using data from at least two of the big three (Google, Yahoo,  Microsoft Bing) search engines.  Instead of having to build your own army of crawler bots and commanding them to index the mobile web, a prohibitively expensive and time consuming process, you can simply pass a  query in an API call to retrieve search results from at least two of the big … Continue reading

CAT Scale – A .Mobi For Truckers

I don’t know how many truckers read Wap Review but I bet there are at least a few. So here’s a dedicated trucking industry mobile site. It’s a  truck scale locator from CAT Scale, a company that manufactures and operates automatic truck scales. The URL is catscale.mobi CAT Scale claims to be the largest truck scale network in the world, with over 1,200 locations throughout the U.S. and Canada. It’s important for truckers to know the weight of their rigs … Continue reading

Zillow Mobile

Zillow.com has gone mobile with a site at mobile.zillow.com.  Zillow is a familiar name for house hunters in the US. It’s s a real estate search site that was started by a couple of Microsoft and Expedia alumni and has really taken off,  thanks to its unique interface that makes obscure public records of home sales and assessments highly available and accessible to anyone. The way Zillow works  is that you enter any US residential address and get back you … Continue reading

Mobile Browser Test – UCWEB6

This is the second in a series of posts comparing free add-on full-web mobile browsers.  If you missed the first one, covering TeaShark vs. Opera Mini it’s here. Here’s a look at UCWEB, Version 6.  This browser comes from  Guangzhou Ucfly Company in Guangzhou, China.  I couldn’t find out much about this company other than what’s on their web page. Ucfly has partnerships with China Mobile and Chinese search engine Baidu.  According to the company, UCWEB has been downloaded 11 … Continue reading

Browser Comparison – TeaShark vs Opera

It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of Opera Mini, the free full-web browser that makes it possible you use almost any website on most any phone. Amazingly, using sites designed for an 800×600 px screen on one a tenth as large is both practical and  pleasant in Opera Mini, thanks its combination of server side compression, smart reformatting techniques like content folding and fit to width and a brilliant user interface built a around one and two-click shortcuts … Continue reading

Does AskMeNow “have all the answers”

AskMeNow is a mobile search service that claims to “have all the answers” An impossible claim of course, but the site is actually pretty useful for looking up a variety of things like Wikipedia entries, stock quotes, driving directions or sports scores. The site is a search portal with a homepage of links to news, sports, finance, entertainment, etc. sections and a Wikipedia search box. Each section has items relevant to the its topic from around the web. Most sections … Continue reading