Google Search Rediscovers the Mobile Web

Nadir at SEO Principle tipped me off about Google’s latest redesign of their mobile search page. Appearance wise it’s not a big change but in terms of what it means for the mobile web it’s pretty significant. The last big change to Google mobile search was in March, 2007 when Google removed the radio buttons that allowed you the specify if you wanted to search the Web, Images, Local Listings or the Mobile Web. Google seemed to responding to Yahoo’s … Continue reading

Is AOL’s New All In One Mobile Search an Improvement?

AOL has released a new version of AOL Mobile Search ( All the major search engines have revamped their mobile search pages in the last 11 months. They all basically did the same thing too. Instead of separate searches for news, local, images, the web, etc., the new fashion in mobile search design is a single search box which delivers results from several of these categories in a single results page. Microsoft did it first with a revamped Live Search … Continue reading

Clusty – Mobile Meta Search

Clusty is a meta search engine meaning that it submits your query to multiple search engines like Google, MS Live, Yahoo, etc. and returns the top hits from all the engines. There are lots of meta search engines including Dogpile, Hotbot and MetaCrawler. Clusty claims their meta search is better because it groups similar results into Clusters. But what makes Clusty interesting to me is that it has mobile edition. Clusty doesn’t search the mobile web which is unfortunate as … Continue reading

Tribes – Mobile Web Channel Surfing

I just discovered Alatto‘s Tribes (, although it’s been around since at least June, 2005. It’s a bit like a mobile Slashdot but with a wrinkle. Actually, I almost gave up on Tribes when the first thing I saw upon entering the site was a confusing message warning that the site contains “explict” content and that I must be over 18 to view this content and did I agree with the “above conditions“. My first though was “mobile porn site“. … Continue reading


Mobicious ( is an innovative new mobile content search portal. You can search for downloadable content of various kinds; ringtones, games and wallpapers and also SMS Services and mobile web sites. Users can review and rate each content item in Mobicious and upload and share images. You can search just a single category like games or tag multiple categories and search them simultaneously. I especially like that searches can be restricted to only free content. Xen Dolev at Xellular Identity … Continue reading

Mobile Search Wars Heat Up

It looks like Google has come up with an answer to Yahoo’s oneSearch (review). When you visit mobile Google search (, there’s a new link at the top of the page heralding “New Try our new mobile search” Follow that link and you’ll see a page that works a whole lot like oneSearch. Gone are the options to search Web, Images, Local Listings and Mobile Web. In their place is a single search box. Searches now return a mixture of … Continue reading

Yahoo oneSearch

The mobile web version of Yahoo’s oneSearch ( has launched. In addition to that address which takes you to a dedicated oneSearch page, there is a oneSearch box at the top of Yahoo’s US mobile home page at Yahoo makes some pretty impressive claims regarding oneSearch. According to Yahoo; “Finally, mobile search that really works! Introducing Yahoo! oneSearch, an amazingly better search experience that redefines search for the phone. It’s designed to give you instant answers – exactly what … Continue reading

Bookmarklets for Opera Mini

I’ve discovered something very useful which I think will help mobile social tagging to really take off – Opera Mini Bookmarklets. I’m addicted to bookmarklets, which I use all the time in my web browser. If you haven’t tried them yet, give bookmarklets a whirl. They give you browser toolbar buttons that do all sorts of neat things with the web page you are currently viewing. Like searching Technorati, Bloglines or Google Blogsearch for blog items that refer to the … Continue reading