Opera Mini Users Can’t Access Orkut

Update 21-Aug-2008: This issue has been resolved.  Orkut is working again for Opera Mini users. Google’s Orkut social network is hugely popular in India. In fact, India ranks second in the number of Orkut members (after Brazil).  And many Indians use the Opera Mini browser to visit Orkut.  Of all nations, India ranks third in the number of Opera Mini users, after Russia and Indonesia, and Orkut is the second most popular site (after Google) among Indian Opera Mini users. … Continue reading

Opera Mini on the Samsung Instinct

US CDMA carrier, Sprint PCS released its answer to the iPhone on June 20th. It’s called the Samsung Instinct (SCH-M800) and while it’s no match for the iPhone it’s still a nice device in many respects. With a large (but smaller than the iPhone’s) 3.1 inch touch screen with haptic feedback, no physical keyboard, threaded voicemail and SMS and a full-web browser, the Instinct matches some of the best known features of Apple’s phone and even has a few things … Continue reading

Opera Mini Friendster Problem Fixed!

Yesterday I wrote about Friendster’s redesigned mobile site. It’s generally pretty good except for one major usability issue. The problem is that Friendster is forcing all mobile browsers to use the mobile site, even “full-web” browsers like Opera Mini and Nokia Webkit which can easily handle the full version of Friendster. Several Opera Mini using Friendster members were upset enough about this to complain on the Opera Mini support forum at MyOpera.com. Today Opera answered their complaints in a rather … Continue reading

Opera Mini Coming to Verizon?

Opera Mini 4.1 was released today. While I was poking around on OperaMini.com looking for a feature list and some cool imagagry for a post about the release I noticed something interesting. The OperaMini.com homepage has this statement: “The service is not available to Verizon Wireless subscribers (other than BlackBerry users) yet. Please subscribe for an email notification when we have a version available for Verizon customers. Thanks for your patience!” Not available “yet”. Does that imply that it will … Continue reading

Opera Mini Release and Contest

It looks like a new release of Opera Mini is imminent. The 4.1 Beta has been out for a bit over a month and Opera just announced a contest where users are asked to submit a photo and testimonial to be used in a web collage promoting a new release of Opera Mini. The prize is “an Opera goodie-bag and instant Internet fame” The deadline for submissions is only a few days away, Monday, May 12th. Details here. Hum, I … Continue reading

Opera Mini 4.1 Beta

There’s a new Opera Mini release, version 4.1, now available as public beta. Anyone can download it by pointing their phone browser at mini.opera.com/beta. BlackBerry and Palm versions and generic .jad and .jar files for side loading can be downloaded to your PC at www.operamini.com/beta This release is pretty exciting as it adds a number of new features that users have been requesting on the Opera Mini Forum. The changes include: Search for text in the current page. Press #,* … Continue reading

Opera Mini Upgrade

Opera made a significant upgrade to their Opera Mini server software last night. Here’s the changelog: Added a simple UI to the server-side preferences that exists. Go to ‘opera:config’ to configure some settings. Tweaked phonenumber detection, there should be somewhat fewer false positives now, but you can now also disable the feature on the opera:config page. Increased the default timeouts to 40 seconds from 20. Updated the HTML rendering engine to be similar to the latest Opera 9.5 weekly release. … Continue reading

Opera Mini 4.0 – Better than WebKit?

Opera Mini 4.0 is out of Beta! You can download it by pointing your phone or PC browser at operamini.com. There are no new features in this version compared with the last Beta. What there are is lots of bug fixes and compatibility with more handsets. Compared with Opera Mini, 3.1 though, 4.0 adds a huge list of enhancements; the main ones being OperaLink which synchronizes mobile bookmarks and Speed Dial with desktop Opera, and Desktop Rendering, Opera’s answer to … Continue reading