Updated: How to View the Full Version of Sites in Opera Mini and Other Mobile Browsers


Originally published in 2009, this post is updated regularly with the latest workarounds for viewing the desktop versions of mobile sites in mobile browsers. Last update 12-Jan-2014: Added reader-contributed workarounds for Google Search and Google Image Search. Removed non-working Yahoo Mail links. One of the biggest frustrations of using the web with mobile browsers is web sites that force them to use dumbed down mobile versions.  I have nothing against mobile sites, obviously. I build them and I write about them here at … Continue reading

Orkut is Back for Opera Mini Users!

It looks like the week long Orkut outage for Opera Mini users is over. jbpseudo just left a comment saying it was working again. I just tried and got right into Orkut.  This should make a lot of folks happy, especially in Brazil and India where most of Orkut’s traffic comes from.  As jbpseudo said;  thank you, Google, Opera Mini and especially ManneS, the Opera Mini forum moderator and user advocate who I suspect played a big role in escalating … Continue reading

Opera Mini Users Can’t Access Orkut

Update 21-Aug-2008: This issue has been resolved.  Orkut is working again for Opera Mini users. Google’s Orkut social network is hugely popular in India. In fact, India ranks second in the number of Orkut members (after Brazil).  And many Indians use the Opera Mini browser to visit Orkut.  Of all nations, India ranks third in the number of Opera Mini users, after Russia and Indonesia, and Orkut is the second most popular site (after Google) among Indian Opera Mini users. … Continue reading

Orkut Forcing Opera Mini to Mobile Version

It looks like Google’s Orkut has pulled a Friendster and is forcing Opera Mini users to the mobile version of the site. There’s nothing wrong with using browser detection to redirect mobile browsers to a mobile friendly site BUT there needs to be a way to get to the full version if desired. Many of today’s mobile browsers including Opera Mini and Mobile, some versions of Netfront and S60 Webkit are capable of loading almost any site on the web. … Continue reading