Opera Mini Now Available On Verizon Feature Phones

The Opera Mini web browser is the most popular in the world with over 85 million users.  it’s easy to see why. Opera’s proxy architecture compresses web pages by up to 90% before sending them to the phone.  That cuts the cost of browsing,  makes page loads faster and allows even basic phones to load the largest desktop web pages. Up to now non-smartphone users on Verizon, the largest US operator, have been denied the advantages of Opera Mini. That’s … Continue reading

Updated: Verizon Woos Developers With Openness

I’ve been watching a live webcast of  the Verizon Developer Community Conference that is being held today in San Jose. The U.S.’s biggest mobile operator is saying that they are through with the walled garden and proprietary platforms.  Developers are being promised that going forward it will be much easier, faster and less costly to get their apps to market on Verizon phones. Key elements of the new developer initiative include: A new vCast Application Store launching by year end … Continue reading

Opera Mini Coming to Verizon?

Opera Mini 4.1 was released today. While I was poking around on OperaMini.com looking for a feature list and some cool imagagry for a post about the release I noticed something interesting. The OperaMini.com homepage has this statement: “The service is not available to Verizon Wireless subscribers (other than BlackBerry users) yet. Please subscribe for an email notification when we have a version available for Verizon customers. Thanks for your patience!” Not available “yet”. Does that imply that it will … Continue reading