Mobile Industry Incompetence Keeps A Two Year Old Post Relevant

A post I wrote over two years ago about configuring GPRS settings for Java apps, “Solving Opera Mini Connection Problems” has consistently been the most viewed and most commented on WapReview.  I consider its popularity an indictment of what a bad job the industry, particularly mobile operators and handset makers have done in making it easy for users to setup data and run applications on their phones. In looking it over I noticed some broken links and references to ancient … Continue reading

Solving Opera Mini and UC Browser Connection Problems


Configuring GSM phones so that data aware Java applications like gMail, UC Browser and Opera Mini can connect to the Internet is a total disaster. Opera Mini is an amazing mobile browser that gives almost any phone iPhone like Internet capabilities. But many people have trouble getting it to work. They download it from, it installs without error but when they try to run it they get the error “Failed to connect to the internet“. The same thing often … Continue reading