The iPhone Does NOT Drive 50% of US Mobile Traffic

The last couple of days has seen a flood of  headlines in the mainstream and tech press trumpeting  “iPhone Accounts For 50 Percent Of U.S. Mobile Web Traffic” or “iPhone Drives 50% Of U.S. Mobile Web Traffic“.  Sounds pretty amazing and cool for mobile web designers, right? I guess we can stop maintaining those 20 KB page size mobile sites targeted at funky feature phones and devote all our energies to mobile Ajax and the JavaScript rollover effects that play … Continue reading

Explosion in African Mobile Browsing

Opera’s latest State Of the Mobile Web Report for the month of September focuses on Africa. It’s an eye opener for anyone with a US or Euro-centric view of Internet use on cell phones.  The report, which tracks the usage of Opera Mini, indicates that traffic from Africa is up 180% since January, 2008. Gains in some African countries are incredibly high.  September over January page views from Egypt increased 2300%, Nigeria 1690%, Libya 8537%, Zambia, 1200%, Swaziland  1700%.  Opera … Continue reading