An HTML5 Test For Mobile and Desktop Browsers

I recently discovered Niels Leenheer’s  It’s another test suite that attempts to measure a browser’s support for components of the HTML (formerly HTML5) and CSS3  draft specs.  Like the W3C’s Web Compatibility Test for Mobile Browsers – version 2 this one assigns a numeric score representing the browsers overall compliance with the specs. It shows pass/fail grades for each individual test as well. As Niels points out, his test is not complete and doesn’t cover all the fetaures of … Continue reading

Mobile Firefox Best On The W3C’s New Mobile Browser Test

The W3C’s Mobile Web Test Suites Working Group has released their Web Compatibility Test for Mobile Browsers Version 2.  It’s at This is a forward looking test that is designed to test HTML 5 capabilities that will drive the next generation of mobile Webapps including XmlHttpRequest, <canvas>, <input type=’date’>, contenteditable, Appcache,  <video>, <audio>, Web Workers, localStorage, sessionStorage and @font-face. Most mobile browsers don’t support many of these capabilities yet. I tried the new test with all the mobile browsers … Continue reading