Twitter on the N900 – What Are My Options?

I’m not really a Twitter power user but I do follow a hundred or so people, tweet a few times a day and have two Twitter accounts.  My main account is @yeswap.  I also have a @boostapps account where I tweet whenever a new app gets added to my app store for Boost Mobile prepaid users in the US.  I Twitdroid on Android, Gravity on Symbian and Tweete or Dabr in mobile browsers. So what should I use for … Continue reading

I’ve Rediscovered Tweete

Twitter was down all morning thanks to a stupid DDOS attack. When it came back up my favorite Twitter mobile client, Dabr, didn’t come back up with it.  Dabr’s still down 14 hours latter.  After using the’s extremely limited mobile site for a while I started looking for alternatives.  The first one I tried was Tweete. Not only was it working but Tweete has added a whole bunch of features since I last looked at it in in December. … Continue reading

What’s The Best Twitter Mobile Web Client?

Micro-blogging service, Twitter is one of the big successes of Web 2.0  in terms of mine share and number of users, if not profits.  The simple open social network, where content is limited to 140 character status messages,  now has over five million users.  The 140 character limit comes from Twitter’s origins as an SMS service, but Twitter’s elimination of SMS updates in most of the world doesn’t seem to have slowed Twitter down. Most Twitter people (Tweeps?)  seem to … Continue reading