Nokia’s N950 Developer Phone Looking Consumer Ready – Will Nokia Reconsider and Release It?

Image – Two week’s after Nokia’s N9 MeeGo phone announcement the platform is still generating considerable buzz.  The N9’s not released yet but its developer only clone, the N950, is starting to show up outside of Nokia – and its getting rave reviews. FoneArena has just published an extensive hands on report by Dhruv Bhutani covering the N950. Laced  with dozens of high quality photos and videos it’s phone porn at its finest. Dhruv says he’s “in love”  with the N950, … Continue reading

My Thoughts On NokiaSoft

I’m still trying to digest today’s announcement that Nokia will adopt “Windows Phone as its primary smartphone strategy”. Symbian will become a “franchise platform”, which based on the slide below (from one of Nokia’s announcement  press PDFs) means will it will be gradually phased out. Meego will become a research project for exploration of future products. As the side below shows R&D investment in MeeGo will drop by about two thirds.  That slide also suggests that  massive layoffs in Nokia … Continue reading

So Long N900, Thanks For The Good Times!

I have to send the Nokia N900 loaner back to Nokia’s WOMWorld tomorrow. It’s a great phone or as Nokia likes to call it, “mobile computer” and I’m going to miss it. I’ve covered the browsing capabilities of the N900 quite bit here on WapReview but to summarize, the built in MicroB  browser is the best browser available today on any pocketable device.  The combination of 800 x 480 resolution, 3.5 inch screen, high performance JavaScript engine and full desktop … Continue reading

Trying Google Buzz on Android, Symbian – and the N900

Unless you’ve been living under a rock you probably heard that Google released Buzz yesterday.  Details are on the Google Blog. Buzz appears to be Google’s attempt at building an app that combines the best features of Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare into a single all singing, all dancing desktop AND mobile service. With Buzz you can publicly or privately post status updates, photos and videos, view your friends Buzzes and view nearby Buzzes on a map.  Buzzes can automatically include … Continue reading

The N900 Forecasts Mobile Browsing’s Future

Using the N900’s MicroB browser is really an eye opener.  The combination of a relatively large screen, 800×480 px resolution, very good JavaScript performance and full desktop Flash is turning my my mobile browsing pattern upside  down.  When I use Opera Mini on an N95 or the Android browser on the HTC Magic, I typically spend 75% of my time on mobile sites and the rest on “full” web sites.  With the N900 it’s more like 50/50 and the percentage … Continue reading

Twitter on the N900 – What Are My Options?

I’m not really a Twitter power user but I do follow a hundred or so people, tweet a few times a day and have two Twitter accounts.  My main account is @yeswap.  I also have a @boostapps account where I tweet whenever a new app gets added to my app store for Boost Mobile prepaid users in the US.  I Twitdroid on Android, Gravity on Symbian and Tweete or Dabr in mobile browsers. So what should I use for … Continue reading

Supercharge the N900 Browser With Bookmarklets

Regular WapReview readers know I’m a big fan of browser bookmarkets, snippets of JavaScript in a browser bookmark that automate repetitive tasks in the browser.  Bookmarklets let you post  links to Twitter or  Delicious with just a couple taps. And that’s just the beginning, bookmarklets can simplify tasks like creating short URLs, subscribing to feeds in Google Reader or Bloglines, translating all or part of a web page to another language and changing illegible page colors to something more readable. … Continue reading

Updated: Trying Out Firefox Mobile 1.0 For Maemo

Firefox Mobile – Truncated header background Update: A couple of days after I originally wrote this piece, Firefox Mobile RC3 went golden as Firefox Mobile 1.0.  As far as I can tell their were no code changes between RC3 and 1.0 so the content of this piece is relevant to the initial this the first non-Beta release of Firefox Mobile.  There have however been updates to some of the extensions most notably “Weave”.  I’ve also found the elusive “Tabs From … Continue reading