Nokia E7 First Impressions

Click image to enlarge I received a Nokia E7 for review yesterday from WOMWorld/Nokia. I’ve been looking forward to some extensive hands on with this phone since I first saw it at Tech.Ed in Berlin last October. I got quite a surprise when I ripped off the wrapping and saw the box’s custom slip wrapper. It looked like regular Nokia packaging with an image of the E7 on the front. But the phone’s screen was displaying a Tweet I sent … Continue reading

E7 Near Release? New Video

WOMWorld/Nokia just sent me a a previously un-released video of the E7 along with a message that the E7 will be shipping “very soon”. The short clip (below) features Nokia designer Shungiro Eguchi speaking about some of the design ideas behind the phone. Update: the video has been taken down. I spent some time with the E7 at Tech.Ed Europe in November and was very impressed with the phone, especially the form factor and keyboard. It manages to pack a … Continue reading

Tech.Ed Europe

I’ll be at the Microsoft Tech.Ed Conference in Berlin Tuesday and Wednesday as the guest of WOMWorld and Nokia. I was really surprised when I got an email from WOMWorld a little over a week ago offering to send me to Berlin for the conference. Totally unexpected and wonderful. I’m looking forward to seeing Berlin for the first time too. I’m not sure what Nokia has in store for me at Tech-Ed.  They are a sponsor of the Microsoft conference, … Continue reading