E7 Near Release? New Video

WOMWorld/Nokia just sent me a a previously un-released video of the E7 along with a message that the E7 will be shipping “very soon”. The short clip (below) features Nokia designer Shungiro Eguchi speaking about some of the design ideas behind the phone. Update: the video has been taken down. I spent some time with the E7 at Tech.Ed Europe in November and was very impressed with the phone, especially the form factor and keyboard. It manages to pack a … Continue reading

What A Weekend! The E73 Mode Sunset Beach Party

My weekend was rather special.  It all started with an email last Tuesday from Donna at WOMWorld inviting me to fly down to LA to stay in a house right on Sunset Beach and participate in making a video to promote the new Nokia E73 Mode for T-Mobile USA. I had no idea what I was actually getting into but wasn’t hard to accept an offer to get out of San Francisco’s fog for weekend on the beach. I arrived … Continue reading