Updated: UCWEB 7 Final Released

UCWEB 7 is out of Beta.  The official release is in Chinese only but, Manojr “Mannuforall” Tiwari  has done an unofficial English translation which is available on his blog. A release announcement with screenshots and a list of features (in Chinese) is  here (Google translation). I’m hard pressed to see any significant differences between this version and the leaked pre-release version I reported on last week.  Hopefully there are some bug fixes.  I did notice minor translation related differences in … Continue reading

Leaked UCWEB 7 Java Version With Zoom Mode

UCWEB guru “Jbpseudo“, sent me a link an English translation of a leaked version (7.02.3) of the upcoming UCWEB 7 browser.  The main change since UCWEB 7 Beta 2, which I covered 2 weeks ago, is that it now offers the equivalent what Opera calls “Desktop View” where pages are formatted more or less as they are in desktop browsers, with horizontal scrolling required to see the full width of the page.  In UCWEB it’s known as “Zoom Mode” and … Continue reading

Opera Mobile 10 Beta for Windows Phone Released

Good news for Windows Mobile (a.k.a. Windows Phone) users, Opera’s newest browser, Opera Mobile 10 is now available for the Classic and Professional editions of Windows Mobile 6.5, Windows Mobile 6.1, Windows Mobile 6.0 and on Windows Mobile 5 Pocket PC.  I don’t have a Windows phone so I can’t try this myself but I have been using Opera Mobile 10 as the main browser on my Nokia N95-3 for the last two weeks and I recommend that you give … Continue reading

UC Browser Version 7 Beta 2 Is Much Improved – But Popular Sites Are Blocked By The “Great Firewall”

There is a major new release of  the UCWEB browser in the works.  It’s Version 7.0 and is already in its second Beta.  The official Beta releases are Chinese only but several users have created English translations and posted them to the UCWEB User Forum. No one seems to have translated the Symbian S60 3rd edition variant of  7.0 Beta 2 yet, so I’m running a Java ME version on my N95, UC Browser 7 Beta 2 Java Script Improvement … Continue reading

SkyFire 1.1 – Faster Startup, Better Usability

Late yesterday SkyFire released version 1.1 of their namesake browser for Windows Mobile 5 and 6  and Symbian S60 3rd edition.  You can download SkyFire 1.1 to your phone or PC from get.skyfire.com. I’ve been using SkyFire since the first Symbian release over a year ago.  From the beginning it has done an amazing job with videos. It’s the only mobile browser that lets you watch the Flash videos on almost any web site including, YouTube, Daily Motion, Vimeo, Veoh, … Continue reading

New UCWEB 6.6 Beta

Last week UCWEB released a new Beta of their namesake product, a fast server based browser similar in concept to Opera Mini and Bolt but with some great additional features including tabbed browsing and the ability to copy text from web pages.  The new release is version 6.6 and is only available in Chinese from official sources. Fortuanately for English speakers, the Java version of  the Beta has been translated by the same two UCWEB Forum members, New88 and Mannuforall, who … Continue reading

Skyfire 1.0 Reviewed

Version 1.0 of the Skyfire browser for Windows Mobile 5 and 6 and Symbian S60 3rd edition was released on Wednesday. I saw the announcement during the Google I/O keynote but I was so busy covering the event that I only got around to downloading the new release today.  It probably took a little longer for me because it meant putting down my new toy, the HTC Magic developer phone that Google gave away at I/O, and picking up my … Continue reading

Ozone Browser For S60 and UIQ 3

O3Mobi’s Ozone is an  interesting new web browser available for S60 3rd Edition Feature pack 1 and 2 phones.  There’s also a version forUIQ 3 touch screen devices.  Download Ozone from o3mobi.com.   Like the default S60 browser, Ozone is based on the open source WebKit engine. It has some great features including  support for advanced web technologies like Ajax  and HTML5.  It is an initial Alpha release with a few glitches but is quite usable and stable. Ozone is a … Continue reading