Updated: How to View the Full Version of Sites in Opera Mini and Other Mobile Browsers


Originally published in 2009, this post is updated regularly with the latest workarounds for viewing the desktop versions of mobile sites in mobile browsers. Last update 12-Jan-2014: Added reader-contributed workarounds for Google Search and Google Image Search. Removed non-working Yahoo Mail links. One of the biggest frustrations of using the web with mobile browsers is web sites that force them to use dumbed down mobile versions.  I have nothing against mobile sites, obviously. I build them and I write about them here at … Continue reading

Bolt 1.7 Adds Widgets, Twitter Integration, Flash Video and Download Manager Enhancements

There were a huge number of major announcements at the Mobile World Congresss (MWC) in Barcelona today.  Somewhat lost in the barrage of press releases was that Bitstream has released Bolt 1.7.  The main things that are new in this release are: The ability to post to  Twitter from within Bolt.  Posts are pre-populated with the current page’s URL and are editable so you can add your own comments to the tweet. Widgets (images below) based on the draft W3C … Continue reading

The N900 Forecasts Mobile Browsing’s Future

Using the N900’s MicroB browser is really an eye opener.  The combination of a relatively large screen, 800×480 px resolution, very good JavaScript performance and full desktop Flash is turning my my mobile browsing pattern upside  down.  When I use Opera Mini on an N95 or the Android browser on the HTC Magic, I typically spend 75% of my time on mobile sites and the rest on “full” web sites.  With the N900 it’s more like 50/50 and the percentage … Continue reading

Skyfire 1.5 For Symbian 3rd and 5th Edition Impressions

Wednesday,  Skyfire released the long awaited 1.5 version of the Skyfire browser for Symbian (S60) 3rd and 5th edition phones.  1.5 has been available on Windows Mobile 5.0 – 6.5 for some time.  Download either version by visiting get.skyfire.com with your mobile browser or PC. The bigest change in this release is that Skyfire, for the first time, supports Symbian 5th edition and its 640×360 px resolution. The 5th edition release features  kinetic (flick) scrolling and autorotation.  3rd edition users … Continue reading

Bolt Browser Updated to 1.62

The Google  Nexus One phone wasn’t the only mobile product released today. According to a post on the Bolt Forum, “BOLT 1.62 was released today. This is a routine upgrade featuring behind-the-scenes improvements that you probably won’t notice on the surface, but you should still upgrade. You will be prompted to upgrade the next time you launch BOLT.” One reason to upgrade is that until you do, the browser will continue to prompt you to upgrade every time you start … Continue reading

Official English UCWEB 7.0 Browser Reviewed – Great Feature Set But Many Sites Fail To Load

The long awaited English version of UCWEB 7  is now available: PC Download Page, Mobile Download Page.  UCWEB is one of the most popular mobile browsers in the world with 40 million active users, most of them in China where the company is based.  The new release, which is also available in Russian and Chinese,  is offered for Java, Windows Mobile 2003 through 6.5 (touchscreen and non-touchscreen) and Symbian S60 1st through 5th edition.  Versions for BlackBerry, jailbroken iPhones and … Continue reading

Opera Mobile 10 S60 Updated – Inline Editing Gets T9 and Symbol Modes

(Above) Editing Options in Opera Mobile Beta 2 There’s  a new version of  Opera Mobile 10 available for S60 3rd and 5th edition phones.  This release, dubbed “Opera 10 Beta 2 Update” adds full native editing and entry modes to in-line editing in web pages and the Opera Mobile GUI. Previous Opera Mobile 10 releases had two edit modes; “in-line” (image, top left) where you could enter text directly into fields on the screen but were limited to using triple … Continue reading

Skyfire 1.5 for Windows Mobile Released

Another day another new mobile browser! Today Skyfire launched version 1.5 of its server assisted browser for Windows Mobile (aka Windows Phone). I don’t have a supported phone so I can’t do a hands on, but if you are WinMo user I suggest that you head over to m.skyfire.com and grab the update.  If  you prefer to download Skyfire 1.5 to your PC for side loading visit get.skyfire.com.  To get a preview of Skyfire 1.5 check out this official video … Continue reading