Instabam – Your World Through The Eyes of Others

A new location aware mobile web app that displays photos taken near your current location. The photos come from the popular iPhone photo taking and photo sharing app Instagram using the later’s public API. Most are altered using Instagram’s arty (some say cheesy) filters. Pictures are displayed as a grid of thumbnails. Taping a picture shows it full-screen along with when and where it was shot and the photographer’s name and avatar. A slider lets you alter the range that … Continue reading

Glocut – A Mobile Location Mashup With Great Usability

Glocut is one of the nicest local search web apps I’ve seen yet. What sets it apart from all the others is its deceptively simple but effective user interface. When you launch Glocut the first time you will need to enter your location. It’s not very fussy about  formatting; a full street address, city, country, postal code or a landmark like “Times Square”; they all work . It gets even better, Glocut has a tiny Java or Windows Mobile native … Continue reading

Lurvely – Discover Spectacular Photography on Flickr

Lurvely (  is a new iPhone web app and mobile site built on the Flickr API. Lurvely is designed  to find the most beautiful and artistic photos on Flickr. If you log into Lurvely with your Flickr credentials you can  “Lurve” a photo which is the equivalent of Flickr’s favoriting. Photos on the front page come from Flickr’s Interestingness stream. Other pages show the  most Lurved photos by the most Lurved photographers. It really does work, the  photos on … Continue reading

Mashable Goes Mobile – With a MashUp

Peter Cashmore’s Mashable is a high-traffic news blog covering social networking, web 2.0 and mobile. I suspect the site’s name comes from “Mashup” – combing two (or more) web services to create a new site or service, think of TwitterVision which combines Ttwitter feeds with the Google Maps API to show Twitter updates as text bubbles on a world map.  Mashable does cover mashups, especially ones involving popular social networks. But Mashable is a lot more than mashups, with 20 … Continue reading