Supercharge the N900 Browser With Bookmarklets

Regular WapReview readers know I’m a big fan of browser bookmarkets, snippets of JavaScript in a browser bookmark that automate repetitive tasks in the browser.  Bookmarklets let you post  links to Twitter or  Delicious with just a couple taps. And that’s just the beginning, bookmarklets can simplify tasks like creating short URLs, subscribing to feeds in Google Reader or Bloglines, translating all or part of a web page to another language and changing illegible page colors to something more readable. … Continue reading

N900 MicroB Browser Basics

Every new phone has a learning curve, however brief.  When I got my N900 I expected to have to put a fair amount of effort into figuring out how to use the device.  After all this was not only a new handset for me but I’d never used  Maemo before. Plus, I’d heard that the N900 was a geeky device, not really suited for normal mobile users. OK, maybe I am a geek, but I think I got up to … Continue reading