How To Keep Ads From Breaking Your Mobile Pages

I try to build mobile sites that work on everything from an old wml-only browsers to iPhones and the latest Android “Superphone”.  It’s more work but I believe it’s worthwhile. Supporting more devices brings in more traffic and hopefully makes users of old devices smile when they find a site that actually works on their phones. I use adaptation to vary page and image sizes and MIME types to suit the capabilities of various devices. BlackBerrys, iPhones and most modern  … Continue reading

N900 MicroB Browser Basics

Every new phone has a learning curve, however brief.  When I got my N900 I expected to have to put a fair amount of effort into figuring out how to use the device.  After all this was not only a new handset for me but I’d never used  Maemo before. Plus, I’d heard that the N900 was a geeky device, not really suited for normal mobile users. OK, maybe I am a geek, but I think I got up to … Continue reading

T-Mobile To Go’s Free Mobile Web

In the US at least, every subscriber to T-Mobile’s prepaid service gets free access to the mobile web. Before you get too excited I have to point out that it’s a walled garden and a small one at that. In the garden you can find the usual pricey carrier downloadable games and ringtones, view your plan’s prepaid balance and expiration date and add money to the account. But there’s more, T-Mobile gives prepaid users unlimited access to seven off-portal sites … Continue reading