Delivr Update Improves Mobile Usability

Delivr is the short URL  service that I  use with Twitter and other micro-blogging services. I like Delivr because it’s fast and reliable but most of all because it is mobile aware.  Mobile visitors to a Delivr URL get the mobile version of the target site, if there is one, otherwise they see a mobilized view created with Google’s transcoder. Desktop visitors to the same Delivr URL are transported directly to the original link. As much as I like Delivr … Continue reading

Bing Mobile Buries and Transcodes Mobile Web Sites

Microsoft unveiled their new search engine Bing, last week with considerable fanfare.  Thanks to Google’s Wave announcement the same day it probably didn’t get as much press coverage as it deserved. Bing replaces Live Search and MSN Search.  Initial reviews  have been quite positive. Billed as a “Decision Engine”, Bing on the desktop has some nice touches including auto completion of queries, a list of related searches  in the left sidebar and  infinitely scrolling results rather than pagination for  image … Continue reading

Microsoft to Use InfoGin’s Transcoder

InfoGin announced today that they have signed an agreement to provide data transformation services for Microsoft’s Live Mobile Search.  Microsoft had been using an in-house transcoding engine for Live Search. InfoGin has one of the best of the current crop of transcoders.  It partially converts Adobe Flash content by rendering Flash animations as animated gifs and allowing users to follow URL links within Flash. What I like best about InfoGin though is that they do not alter the HTTP User … Continue reading