Delivr’s Integration Comes to the Mobile Web

When I wrote about the mobile aware link shortener and micro-blogging network, Delivr‘s new integration a few weeks ago it only worked in desktop browsers.  No more,  now you can create a Delivr Share URL in your mobile browser and immediately post it on multiple networks using So what are Delivr and and why would you want to use them? Delivr is a short URL generator that lets you shorten links  and share them on nine different  … Continue reading

Sweet – Delivr Gets Integration

My favorite link sharing tool just got even easier to use.  Delivr has added a share with button to the the detail page for every Delivr shared URL.  So now you can now share your Delivr links on with a single click.  This is great news for me as I already use for multicasting status updates and blog posts to Twitter, Facebook and several other social networks. If you are unfamiliar with and here’s a … Continue reading

Delivr Update Improves Mobile Usability

Delivr is the short URL  service that I  use with Twitter and other micro-blogging services. I like Delivr because it’s fast and reliable but most of all because it is mobile aware.  Mobile visitors to a Delivr URL get the mobile version of the target site, if there is one, otherwise they see a mobilized view created with Google’s transcoder. Desktop visitors to the same Delivr URL are transported directly to the original link. As much as I like Delivr … Continue reading

Delivr’s Impressive New Analytics Features, a mobile aware URL sharing and shortening service and micro-blogging platform, has just released a major upgrade. Registered Deliver users can now see comprehensive and visually exciting analytics showing how, where and when their Delivr shares have been viewed. To see it in action: Visit, log in and click “Dashboard” link Click the graph icon to the right of a share that’s received some views to see  the percentage of  mobile vs desktop views and the number of  … Continue reading

Delivr Update Simplifies Mobile Sharing

I’ve been using since launched in December.  It’s so powerful and does so many things that it’s hard to summarize.  I covered it in depth here. One use of Delivr is as a mobile aware short URL service with one-click posting to many social networking and bookmarking sites. Supported services include  Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Google Bookmarks, Jaiku, Delicious, Digg, Reddit, Plaxo and Delivr’s own micro-blogging service. That’s not all though, using the same one click iterface, you can send … Continue reading