The N900 Forecasts Mobile Browsing’s Future

Using the N900’s MicroB browser is really an eye opener.  The combination of a relatively large screen, 800×480 px resolution, very good JavaScript performance and full desktop Flash is turning my my mobile browsing pattern upside  down.  When I use Opera Mini on an N95 or the Android browser on the HTC Magic, I typically spend 75% of my time on mobile sites and the rest on “full” web sites.  With the N900 it’s more like 50/50 and the percentage … Continue reading

Content is King on Mobile Too

I attended Mobile Web Megatrends today in Berkeley.  The one day conference was organized by Ajit Jaokar and included an amazing 18 presentations packed into one day of total mobile web immersion.  A highlight of the day was meeting a couple of mobile experts, bloggers and authors I’ve enjoyed reading for years, Barbara Ballard and Michael Mace. There were a lot of great talks and Q&A  at the conference.  It’s impossible for me to cover them all in even a … Continue reading