Debunking the iPhone’s 64% US Mobile Browser Share

Image: Engadget At the iPhone 4.0 SDK release announcement yesterday Steve Jobs made the claim that the iPhone has a 64% US Mobile Browser “User Share”. An accompanying slide showed shares for all mobile browsers as: iPhone: 64% Android: 19% BlackBerry: 9% Other: 8% I’m skeptical of this number as it’s considerably higher than other estimates I’ve seen that put the iPhone’s share of mobile web traffic considerably lower. The source for the slide is given as “Net Applications, Feb … Continue reading

MWC09: A Flood of Mobile Statistics

The flood of¬† press releases from MWC has slowed to a trickle as the show winds down. This has given me a chance to catch up with another flood, the one of mobile statistics released at the show over the last three days. The most interesting numbers come from mobile¬† advertising network BuzzCity which conducted a survey (PDF) of visitors to the mobile sites of its 2000 publisher partners. The survey was actually conducted ON the mobile web which is … Continue reading