Opera Mobile 11.5 for Nokia N9, N950 Released

Yesterday, Opera Software released an official Opera Mobile build for the Nokia N9 and N950 Harmattan phones.  It’s available from the Nokia Store or as a deb package download from Opera. Compared with the 3rd party modified version of Opera Mobile 11 for MeeGo that’s been available for sometime, this one offers the following improvements: Upgrade to Opera Mobile 11.5 Auto-rotation support (in all four orientations) Buttons near the bottom edge of the screen behave properly The Internet connection dialog will … Continue reading

Nokia’s N950 Developer Phone Looking Consumer Ready – Will Nokia Reconsider and Release It?

Image – FoneArena.com Two week’s after Nokia’s N9 MeeGo phone announcement the platform is still generating considerable buzz.  The N9’s not released yet but its developer only clone, the N950, is starting to show up outside of Nokia – and its getting rave reviews. FoneArena has just published an extensive hands on report by Dhruv Bhutani covering the N950. Laced  with dozens of high quality photos and videos it’s phone porn at its finest. Dhruv says he’s “in love”  with the N950, … Continue reading