Read Roland Tanglao’s 10 Part N97 Review On Your Phone

Roland Tanglao has been blogging since 1999 and has over 60,000 photos on Flickr. He’s based in Vancouver and is one of the founders of the Drupal hosting service, Bryght. He is now with another startup, CrowdTrust. Roland often blogs about mobile. He recently published an exhaustive “stream of consciousness” 10 part review of the Nokia N97 based on his experiences using a review unit as his main phone for 11 days. Although Roland reports a litany of bugs and … Continue reading

The iPhone 3GS vs. the Rest of the June Tsunami

Left to right: Pre, N97, i8910, Ion I got invited to a “Drinks with Nokia” event for local bloggers here in San Francisco yesterday. Ewan, tnkgrl, Matthew Bennett, folks from Ubergizmo, Mobile Burn and quite a few others were there.  Nokia brought at least three N97s and several E75, E7ix and 5800XM phones for us to try out. And when mobile geeks gather there are always loads of cool phones of all makes around too.  I took a couple of … Continue reading

Open Source Symbian and N97 Hands-On

Yesterday after the Symbian Partners Event, I was invited to attend a “Bloggers Dinner”.  When I got an email saying dinner would be at the Carnelian Room I knew that my attire of Mobile Camp tee shirt and jeans wasn’t going to cut it.  Quick change to khakis and a collared shirt and I was off. The Carnelian Room was a gas.  Best known for its view, it’s at the top of the 555 California tower, the city’s second tallest … Continue reading