The iPhone 3GS vs. the Rest of the June Tsunami

Left to right: Pre, N97, i8910, Ion I got invited to a “Drinks with Nokia” event for local bloggers here in San Francisco yesterday. Ewan, tnkgrl, Matthew Bennett, folks from Ubergizmo, Mobile Burn and quite a few others were there.  Nokia brought at least three N97s and several E75, E7ix and 5800XM phones for us to try out. And when mobile geeks gather there are always loads of cool phones of all makes around too.  I took a couple of … Continue reading

It’s Palm Pre Day!

No I don’t have one, but the Palm Pre has launched.  @tnkGrl and Matthew Bennet covered the line and launch at San Francisco’s Castro St. Sprint store this morning. Catch their videos of the line on Oik. Close to 100 people lined up for the 20 Pres that were available at that store. They invited me to join them at 6AM but I’m way  too lazy for that and as I don’t plan on buying a Pre it just seemed like … Continue reading

CES Impressions – Palm, Nokia, Skype

I’m not actually AT CES but I’ve been following it on the blogosphere.  The big mobile announcement is of course the Palm Pre.  It’s the first device running the  long awaited (and twice delayed) Linux based, next generation Palm platform, which is called WebOS rather than Nova.  Very iPhonesque in appearance,  but with a slide out QWERY keyboard, the Pre features a multi-touch UI.  The few people who’ve been allowed to play with it have  found the user experience be … Continue reading