Go800 – Your Twitter Name Is Your Phone Number!

MobileMonday NYC founder and prolific mobile entrepreneur David Harper (Winksite, Delivr, PercentMobile) has  co-founded another  new venture. It’s Go800 (go800corp.com), and it allows people to call your phone by texting your Twitter name to 46800 (“go800” on phone keypads).  You can connect your Go800 enabled name to just about any sort of phone number, including mobile, landline, Skype, toll-free or Google Voice numbers. The default is for your Go800 name to be public, meaning anyone who knows your Twitter name … Continue reading

Google Voice App Released For Android and BlackBerry

This morning Google took another step toward making mobile operators irrelevant by releasing a  Google Voice application for Android and Blackberry devices.  I’ve been using Google Voice since it launched. If you are unfamiliar with the service, Wikipedia has an excellent overview. In summary,  Google Voice gives you a new (currently U.S. only) local number.  Calls and texts to your Google Voice number are routed by Google Voice to one or more mobile, Gizmo5  VOIP or land-line numbers that you … Continue reading

webtel.mobi – Another Choice For Cheap International Calling

Webtel.mobi offers low cost international calling and texts. For calls, webtel uses a callback system similar to competitors Rebtel and JaJah. You enter the party you’re calling’s number on the the mobile site and webtel calls you back with the call connected. Calling rates start at 3 cents/minute (plus a 5 cent connection fee).  Rates vary among the three services  depending on the country pairs involved so you might want to do a little comparison shopping before you pick one. … Continue reading

Google Voice – First Impressions

I upgraded  my GrandCentral account to Google Voice yesterday.  GrandCentral was the  “one number for life” startup that Google bought two years ago.  After the acquisition, Google seemingly neglected GrandCentral to the point that I expected it would soon follow Jaiku, Google Notes and Dodgeball into the graveyard of deceased Google experiments. I was wrong. Google seems to have spent those two years redesigning and upgrading GrandCentral to re-release it as Google Voice.  The new service retains all the features … Continue reading

Gizmo5 – Mobile Web IM, SMS, Email and Calls

Gizmo5 has a new mobile web front end to their IP based Internet telephony and messaging platform. It’s sort of the Swiss Army Knife of mobile web based communications. Gizmo lets users communicate by IM on nine different networks and by SMS, e-mail and voice – all from a single integrated contact list. Gizmo5 is often compared with Skype. Both let you make free computer to computer calls and low cost calls to phones worldwide. Unlike Skype though, Gizmo5 is … Continue reading