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Update: It looks like Vodafone has blocked access to this site for non-customers.

Just in time for Sunday’s Brazilian Grand Prix, I’ve discovered a great Formula One auto racing site, PLANET-F1. It’s an ‘exclusive’ on the Vodafone network, but fortunately it’s a public url so anyone can use it. Content is provided by a major F1 web site, and for the WAP2 edition consists of the full text of the ten most recent stories from the News section of the web site. There is also a WAP1 version which only shows only the top four stories with the stories themselves abbreviated. The stories include interviews with drivers, team owners and directors, post qualifying and post race press conferences, practice, qualifying and race reports, the official press statement that each team usually releases every day during race weekends. In other words just about every thing you can read on the major F1 web sites. The only things missing are pictures and live lap by lap coverage of the races and qualifying. For those – go to the BBC’s PDA site which will be the subject of the next review.
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5 thoughts on “PLANET-F1

  1. We’re having the first Night F1 Grand Prix in Singapore. It’s really exciting.

  2. F 1 Online,

    I’m not in the UK so I can’t really check, but Vodafone’s promotional page doesn’t list it under Motor Sports anymore so probably not.

    All the active F1 mobile sites I know about are listed on the WapReview Directory’s MotorSports page.

    Does have a mobile edition? As you are using WordPress, it would be very easy to add mobile support with a plugin, I recommend Andy King’s WordPress Mobile Edition. See 4 Easy Ways to Make Your Blog Mobile Friendly.

  3. I got all excited when i read the title of this post and then I realised it’s been a while. I wonder, is this still available today? It sounds like a really good service and i would be willing to switch to Vodaphone if they would do it.


  4. Marcus, the site worked last season but now it looks like the site is down or more likely Vodaphone is blocking access by non-Vodaphone customers. Planet-F1 Mobile appears to be “premium” content that the publisher sells to carriers. It is probably against the terms of their contract for Vodaphone to make it available to non-subscribers.

    There are some other mobile F1 sites listed on the Wap Review directory’s Sports|F1 page at

    My favorites are BBC and Eurosport but they are all worth a look except forAnanova and RPM which are not consistently kept current.

    BBC has live coverage of qualifying and races which is cool.

  5. This sounds great! But how do I get to the Planet-f1 WAP site? What is the WAP web address? Thank you.

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