wml.YesWAP.com and htm.YesWap.com Downtime

YesWAP LOgo Update: 22-Sept-2008: All YesWap.com URLs are be working normally for me on multiple devices and networks.  It’s possible that some users may still be getting errors due to distributed DNS servers around the world caching old values but that should resolve itself within a day or two,

This is a notice primarily for users of wml.yeswap.com and htm.yeswap.com

The YesWap.com and  yeswap.mobi domains were moved to a new virtual server tonight.  This was necessary because the current server which hosts both YesWap.com and WapReview.com was beyond capacity. The move should make both sites faster and more stable and hopefully eliminate the Error 500 – Internal Server Error messages that you might seen experienced lately.

Both root domains have been moved and are available now.  However the DNS records for the subdomains; wml.yeswap.com and htm.yeswap are still being updated by my hosting company to point to the new server.  If you get a 404 error trying to use one of these subdomains please use either yeswap.com or yeswap.mobi instead.

All four domains deliver the same content – a small (under 3K), fast loading mobile portal containing links to all the sites in the WapReview Mobile Web Directory.  The only purpose of wml.yeswap.com amd htm.yeswap.com is to override browser detection and unconditionally deliver WML or cHtml respectively.  The main yeswap.com and yeswap.mobi URLs should automatically deliver markup compatible with the vast majority of mobile browsers.

I apologize for the inconvenience and expect htm.yeswap.com and wml.yeswap.com to be back up within 24 hours, hopefully much sooner.

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